I just about did a spit take on the keyboard when I was listening to this! 

When I saw this it brought back memories of the Muppet Show. which I loved to watch back in the day when I was a kid. I still think these two old farts do some of the funniest put downs I have ever heard.

I wish I could find the bit they did at the end of one of the Muppet movies……….that was excellent!

I LOVE this commercial.  I would watch more TV if all commercials were like this!

Are you hungry yet?

Red Green strikes again………….

I didn’t post a Sunday video……… here it is……….

When I watched this on Dual Survival, I thought it was pretty darn smart…………..

I love James…………… is a taste of his humor


Day 5 of winter wheat/canola harvest continues.  First was son Matthew becoming a wheat cutter and now expert combine operator at harvesting standing canola.  There is a word for standing canola, but I cant remember it right now.  He has mastered the art of it at the age of 12.  I am proud.


Next was my wife Lori learning how to run the tractor and autosteer and drilling beans yesterday.  She kept the drill going all day and got us in good position to get it caught up with the combine today. 

The field of canola we are in now is Hornet and is making pretty good, maybe even better than the best field of Citro.  Would like to get it done today while I have a trucker still available.  Will loose him for a few days starting tomorrow.

Anyway here are two videos I shot yesterday, one of me using the autosteer while drilling beans and the other of Mrs Lori making a pass in the field drilling herself.  Sorry for no fancy editing, not enough time last night to get it done. And yes to my friends, I listen to NPR while drilling beans, it keeps me from going postal during the day. Something about the mellow tone and sounds, they relax me!

Current Farm Weather


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