Well a first for us is that we are cutting soybeans before we shell any corn.  Corn was still running in the high 20’s for moisture but the beans were dry.  So we went to the bean field.

I shot about 2 hours of video with the GoPro on a small tripod in the cab before I decided it was not the thing to use.  It kept falling over with every bump I hit.  I moved on to a Ram Mount ball where I could tie it down good and tight.  Anyway I managed to get three plus minutes of video to show how things were going on Saturday to make this video.

I will shoot some more and make another bean video and most likely a few corn videos as I work on perfecting my technique.

BTW the beans were good, averaging almost 50 bu/ac across 70 acres.  The more dust that rolled out of the combine the higher the yield was…..  seeing upwards of 70 in the real dusty places.  No dust, no beans or low bean yields in the 30’s.


Got a GoPro and am trying to learn how to use it and how to edit the video.  This is my first attempt………….

Took this off the man lift of the corn field behind the house, it sure looks a lot different this year.

Latest commercial by my brother Jonathan…….. (that’s him driving the car.)

Love this clip from the Andy Griffith show.  I never liked the color episodes for some reason.  Barney is a bigger kid than Opie and his gang………

Happy 4th of July!

I was going to start the week off and get back to daily blogging but when I saw the forecast for next week I went back to work.  Rain most of next week the way things look right now, so I worked some ground and spread P and K and had Browns spray some fields that I knew I most likely would not get to before it rained.

I had planned on doing some blogs on some shooting videos but that will wait until next week.

Oh, next week……is the SLE 2011 or State Level Exercise for IEMA and I have to play radio man.  I am not ready, and dont look to have a lot of time to get ready this weekend either…..

So for a video on shooting how about this one…….

Or this one……

Got started shelling corn today.  Shot this video with my phone.  Not the best video in the world but hey it worked!  Anyway shelling east of Benton along Rt 14.  Corn is doing well, as you can see in the video, some of the end rows along the woods were not so hot, but that is to be expected with the hot and dry July and August.  But across the field is good corn for the year and growing conditions it had to endure.

Anyway here is about 1:15 of corn shelling from yesterday.

Been a while since I have posted a humorous video on here.  Time to correct that error………I found this and for all my Ham Radio friends, you should recognize some of these exchanges between the two characters.  I found it to be very funny.  Anyway ENJOY!

After watching the news shows this morning I have decided that our country is no longer in the toilet.  Its in the septic tank.

I really like this song this morning.  No, its not all Obama’s fault, its both parties and all three branches of government. But then again folks, you voted for them so your at fault for our countries demise.

And if you live in Illinois, well, your getting a double screwing, one by the Feds and one by your good ole Chicago political machine and your local elected official who has sold his sole for money and backing from Chicago.

Think about that today………..

As for me, I am not investing in gold or silver, just brass and lead.

Archie Bunker…………

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