I really am at a loss for what to post or put up here right now.  Just working around the farm trying to keep busy and out of the heat while not watching the corn die.  Its going to be in the triple digits the next 5 days so things will dry up fast around here.

Have some old crop corn to haul and some wheat to haul to the elevator so I am waiting on a trucker.  Will service the Cat now that I have the hose on it I blew working on a water way last week and then if its cool enough in the mornings I will try to do a little dirt work.  Its so hot and dry that you cant see once you get the crust broke.

With all the burn bans you cant burn brush, trash or anything.  Even talk about cancelling the 4th’s Fireworks display Saturday.

Mood in the country side is pretty low………..

It might be slow posting for a while.




On the Franklin County Farm Bureau bus about to invade the National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville, Ky. Will try to post some pictures on Facebook and here as the day goes on.

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Missed yesterday, just to busy.  Today is about the same way, just long enough to say I will get things posted up here soon……….to many irons in the fire.

While on the topic of food from yesterday………

Leave it to the military to come up with a specification for brownies and cookies.  Yep I kid you not:   MIL-C-44072C (W/ CHANGE 1), MILITARY SPECIFICATION: COOKIES, OATMEAL; AND BROWNIES; COCOLATE COVERED (12 FEB 2003)., This specification covers chocolate covered oatmeal cookies and chocolate covered brownies inflexible bags for use by the Department of Defense as a component of operational rations.

If you want to read the whole thing, you can down load it here:  EverySpec  I am not sure why you would want to download it unless you like reading military manuals written in quasi legal and clinical talk. 

Kind of takes the fun right out of a good old fashioned brownie doesn’t it…………….


This is a rather long video, but shows the extent that our military is going to train our troops for operations in the Middle East.  Glad I found this and got to see it.  I think the men and the video speak for themselves.

Joe Jenkins sent me an email, they got 4.5 in Mason Hall, TN.  Jackson had 17 inches according to him.  Places in KY not on this map had 8-10.  Not far North or South of us they got 2 to 4 inches. 

Hint on where I am at….This county has the largest number of farms of any county or parish in the United States. 

Anyone guess where I am?  What a beautiful sunset!

Up early and to the hospital, or I should say back to the hospital.  Grandma going in for surgery, or as I type this she is already gone back. 

Brought my notebook this morning and they have wifi in the surgery waiting room.  Will update as day goes on for family.

Update:  0945  Surgery went great.  She is out and in recovery. 

Update:  1309  Grandma is in her room and eating (if one could call a total liquid lunch eating) lunch.  Good color and feeling great.

Working on a few site updates when time allows.  Hoping to get the Farm Management page up sooner than expected, still waiting on a few of my graphics to be edited.  Also the Family page is coming right along as well and the most requested “Contact” page.

FYI if you are looking for an email address, there is one on the Ham Radio page, I don’t check it every day, but I do check it.  I should have my new email address up and running soon as well………..

Made some major site updates if you haven’t looked yet.  Active under the Consulting page are the Agronomy page and Precision Ag page.  I also updated the Consulting page with some magazine articles that I have been in.  I need to credit the one photo to The Furrow, which I though it said but upon review it doesn’t.  The Farm Management page is next to get activated as soon as the finishing touches are done on it. 

The Family page will get some updates soon as well as a Crops page and a Media page showing some happenings from the crazy world that is ours as time allows.    Those are back burner projects but will get moved forward when the time allows.

And last but not the least is a contacts page…………yes I know that I dont have a way to reach me other than by commenting………that will be fixed soon!

All I can say is check back often on the pages, not just the Blog!

Hello all and welcome to Kelly Robertson Farms, our new home on the web.  It has taken a while to get to this point but things will grow real quick over the next few weeks as new pages are added.  So check back here often for the latest updates from the farm.


Trying to catch up on the missing post from last week.

So you get three tonight.


After battling it for two weeks, and thinking I had the upper hand, my computer gave up the ghost today and wet feet up from the unknown virus that I had.

Not one program for the detection of malware, spyware or viruses could get it or cure it.

So……………I am in a salvage operation now with my hard drive and awaiting discs from Dell to wipe the slate clean and start over again.


This is KC9FVK, Kilo Charlie Nine Foxtrot Victor Kilo, is the frequency in use? Radio Check, Over.

Guess what gang………..Were on the air!!!

Well here we go, starting this thing we call a blog……………..

What’s next? Indoor Plumbing??? Maybe!

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