April 19 1775. 237 years ago today ordinary citizens decided to stand their ground and resist the oppression of the British Crown. Before the day was over men on both sides would die but the birth of a nation had began. Our Freedoms and Liberties began today with the blood of men who stood their ground and has been taken away ever since by the words and deeds of politicians who have trampled on that ground.

Men like Isaac Davis, Paul Revere, Samuel Prescott, Samuel Whittemore, Hezekiah Wymann, John Parker and Joseph Warren to name a few made history by standing up to the worlds strongest army.  Dont let their work, their lives and their sacrifice go unrecognized today.  Read about your history and where your freedoms came from.






Get off the couch folks and continue to fight to keep your freedoms that these brave men gave you.  If your not voting, if your not engaged in the political process, if your not speaking out against the injustices that our politicians bring on us then your not keeping up the fight for freedom those brave men started 237 years ago today.



Parts of Southern Illinois got hit pretty hard not more than 36 hours ago with a 4 a.m. EF4 tornado that killed at least 6 in Harrisburg and destroyed homes and businesses in three counties.  Over 300 buildings were destroyed in Harrisburg alone including the hospital.  12,000 were without power most of yesterday.  The pictures of devastation flood Facebook and local newspapers as well as national and local TV.

In the middle of all this destruction are good people who are volunteering their time, efforts and energy to help search, rescue and recover the lives of those effected.  To you folks I give you a big “two thumbs up”.  Your work is greatly appreciated.  To those who showed up an had nothing to do because the response was so overwhelming kudos to you for caring and wanting to help.  Again that heart of a servant is what is needed today.

What I can’t stand is how, in a great time of need like this, the politicians and media swoop down to make hay out of misery.  Like flies drawn to a fresh pile of crap in the middle of all the hurting and recovery going on you had the Governor, Lt Governor and all their cronies holding a press conference right in the middle of the destruction to tell everyone they were there and that they cared.  The media circus that has followed is just as tasteless.  Watching the national media reduce a towns life altering event into a 30 sec sound bite while standing the middle of what was someones house is equally as opportunistic as what the Governor did.  Just look at how long it takes for the stories to get buried as the next “big news event” happens.

In a day or two the flies will move on to the next pile for their feeding frenzy and Harrisburg, Ridgway, Marion and other towns will be left to fend for themselves.

Southern Illinois alone, again.

God bless those people in and out of uniform who will continue to show up to work and to give with a servants heart long after the circus leaves town.  For those are whom our foundation of community are built on and why we have and will continue to survive without Chicago and NBC news.

God bless you people of Southern Illinois who give.

Yesterday I was listening to NPR or more correctly our local public radio station, WSIU, and heard a story about who in Illinois had contributed the most money to Illinois Politicians.  The top contributor was a Chicago Law firm followed by a couple of businesses in Illinois.  The amount they contributed was staggering.  The amount they contributed would have employed several hundred people at wages well above minimum wage.

If your so inclined, get on the net and do a search of campaign contributors in Illinois for your county.  It will surprise you who in your county contributes money and to whom.   In my little search I found that some people contribute and equal amount of money to “both sides”.  As an example I saw one fellow locally who contributed to the local Democrat House member and to a Republican House member in another district.  The shocking thing is the amount of money that goes outside of the area to other states where these folks do business as well.  Even in a bad economy some people have a ton of money to use to buy a politician.

Make no mistake about what these folks are doing with their money:  They are buying access and influence to elected people.  When you donate a million dollars you just purchased a Senator, House Member, Judge or Governor. You might even get to own a President.

OK there is nothing new here is there?

Nope, nothing new at all.

So why are you bringing this up now?

I always thought the way to change America, Illinois and Franklin Co. was for good men and women to run for office and get elected.  Folks with morals, conviction, Godly values and dedication to the working men and women of this nation.

That is a grand falsehood.

I have been living in the “Land of Make Believe” with Mr Rogers.

In reality all you need is enough money to buy one or more elected officials.

Its like going to the mall and looking in the window of the pet store.  There are all the cute puppies playing and pooping and you pick out the one with the spots you like and pay at the counter and he is yours.  If the dog acts up, you jerk his chain and get him back in line.

So with an elected official, you go to the State House, Senate, Governors Mansion and you look in the window and you pick the dirtiest, lying, cheating, immoral, valueless and brainless scumbag you can find who will sell his soul for money and you buy him. Then you jerk his chain, his wife/mistress/boyfriends chain or kids chain when they act up and he gets right back in line and does your work for you.

Simple isnt it.

All it takes is money.

So my new goal in life is to make enough money to buy my own elected official…..

And from the looks of the contributors list here locally the old saying holds true………you do get what you pay for!

Dont go cheap……….even if that money could be used to feed the homeless or employ hundreds of folks…………

Thanks NPR……..you enlightened me today.


The last few days my comment box has been full. Like overflowing with junk from the usual spammers but also from what I suspect is an internet phishing attack from China, North Korea or Russia. I keep getting the same comments in the same very bad English from different commenter’s but also multiple comments from the same “person” on multiple posts.

One might ask how I know or would suspect a phishing attack for one of these counties and I would say that I don’t have anything concrete but I offer up two things that make me say so.

First is comments are left on pictures I post.  I don’t allow posting of comments to any pictures I post on the blog so when a comment shows up in the in box attached to a picture I know that is not the usual “male enhancement pill” spam or the latest of what the Kardashians (spelling?  who cares?)  are up to or where I can see hot pictures of someone famous etc.  So when “John Smithy” posts a comment to a picture and says “I find post good and helped me back often”  I know its not the usual junk.

Second, I have a friend who does IT security for a big business.  He and I have compared notes in the past: When I get lots of picture comments from “John Smithy” and “Jenny Smithy” and the lot he has said that they get a lot of “hits” on their security systems from “foreign” countries, specifically Asian counties, during those same times.  While he wouldn’t tell me who, he didn’t say I was wrong when I mentioned that I think they come from China, N Korea and Russia.

I also suspect some come from the Middle East……..

The hits, like the comments, often have links to site that most likely will down load phishing apps to your computer.  Phishing apps are looking for passwords, bank numbers and all kinds of your information besides infecting you computer and maybe passing it one to someone else or making your computer into a host for their activities.

It is also not a coincidence that this latest attack over the weekend seemed to peak as news of the death of the North Korean dictator came out………..again it seems that a lot of spam attacks happen very closely to news events in those countries I listed.

But then again what do I know………just a farm boy.

When I went to bed last night I remember thinking about all the work I would get done today with one more day of dry weather before the monsoons set in again.  Well at 5 am or so when I rolled over I heard water running and hoped it was the toilet, but it was rain.  We now had a 100% chance of rain and not 20% when I went to bed.

It’s been hard trying to switch to plan B today.

When I grow up I want to be a weather man………


I saw on TV this morning that we have lost another drone aircraft to mechanical malfunction somewhere in the middle east.  Not the one that Iran has, but another one.  Great.  Lets see just how fast we can give away our secrets to the rest of the world.  In my limited reading on the topic they say that the planes are to look for a safe place to land in the event they lose contact with their handlers.  This enables the plane to be recovered.


What genius with a top secret clearance figured that one out?  Your flying a secret plane with secret technology over a hostile battle field or enemy territory and you want to be able to recover the plane.  How about the thing blowing up so the Chinese or Taliban or whomever our enemy of the week is, doesn’t back-engineer it and use it against us?

The funniest thing was that President Obama confirmed that Iran had the first one yesterday, just three days after Iran showed it on TV.   He is a bit slow being from Chicago and such…….yet he and our Government say that they didn’t get anything.  

Well, to me it looks like they got a lot and I am willing to bet that our defense guys are on full damage control right now.  


Here’s a free tip to you Mr President and your staff from a farm boy:  Its call the information age.  News, pictures, video and rumors travel at the speed of light around the world.  If they are showing pictures of it on TV then I think we are all pretty sure they “got one” and we didn’t need you to “confirm” it.

If you all are that slow on a captured plane then that explains your lethargic approach and attitude towards the economy.

Three surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on.

The first surgeon said, “Electricians are the best, everything inside is color coded.”

The second surgeon says, “No, I think librarians are, everything inside them is in alphabetical order”

The third surgeon shut them up when he said: “You’re all wrong, politicians are the easiest to operate on, there’s no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine, plus, the head and the butt are interchangeable!!

After watching the news shows this morning I have decided that our country is no longer in the toilet.  Its in the septic tank.

I really like this song this morning.  No, its not all Obama’s fault, its both parties and all three branches of government. But then again folks, you voted for them so your at fault for our countries demise.

And if you live in Illinois, well, your getting a double screwing, one by the Feds and one by your good ole Chicago political machine and your local elected official who has sold his sole for money and backing from Chicago.

Think about that today………..

As for me, I am not investing in gold or silver, just brass and lead.

Got this via email, haven’t checked it out via Snopes, but even so true or not, it should get you thinking……..

To Put It All In Perspective ….

The U.S. Congress sets a federal budget every year in the trillions of dollars. Few people know how much money that is so we created a breakdown of federal spending in simple terms. Let’s put the 2011 federal budget into perspective:

  • U.S. income: $2,170,000,000,000
  • Federal budget: $3,820,000,000,000
  • New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
  • National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
  • Recent budget cut: $ 38,500,000,000 (about 1 percent of the budget)
It helps to think about these numbers in terms that we can relate to. Let’s remove eight zeros from these numbers and pretend this is the household budget for the fictitious Jones family.
  • Total annual income for the Jones family: $21,700
  • Amount of money the Jones family spent: $38,200
  • Amount of new debt added to the credit card: $16,500
  • Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
  • Amount cut from the budget: $385
Whew! I’m glad they got that all worked out to our benefit, aren’t you?  I feel better already.

Archie Bunker…………

I seems that we are bombarded with experts at every turn anymore.  If there is no one to serve as an expert, someone seems to always self appoint themselves.  In some cases there are gatherings of experts walking all over each other trying to get to the top of the expert pile.  Most of these folks while possibly well meaning or even good hearted generally have no clue what the heck they are talking about or they come across so absorbed in their own self promotion that they are not tolerable.

Case in point #1:  I got a notice that a person to whom I have a very casual knowledge of had passed away.  Upon following a link to read what happened I found a gaggle of experts on a discussion board that not only knew what happened to him and how it happened, but his life story in many details.  The kicker is that the 4 or 5 pages of comments were dominated by three or four people who were telling all the other people they were wrong.  The funniest post was were one person commented on the deceased’s connection with Illinois, to whom the lead expert on this fellow admitted he didn’t know he had any ties to Illinois then wanted proof that the commentator knew what he was talking about.  Funny to me but I can just imagine how sad it might have been for any of the family members who might have happened upon this mess.  I do know the “one”  head expert mentioned above in this discussion, he is an expert on everything he talks about, just ask him.  He is one of the skid-marks in the underwear of life that we, regrettably, cant dispatch in a burlap bag with a concrete block  tied to it over a bridge into the river.

Case in point #2:  While I was trying to find some ballistic information online I came across a discussion on how the .17HMR was not suitable as a coyote round and would not kill anything bigger than a prairie dog.  Having dispatched coyotes, at range, with my .17HMR I thought that I must hurry out into the fields and tell these coyotes go get up and run along, despite the smell and decay, as they must be mistaken that I had killed them.  The expert was using all kinds of “math” and “physics” to show that the .17 lacked the punch and power to take a dog down beyond 50 yards etc so forth at nausea.  Despite testimonials and the comments of a real hunting expert (a person acknowledged as knowing what he was talking about), this fellow held to his guns that you needed a big gun to kill coyotes at range.  Maybe coyotes in Ohio wear bullet proof vest or their fur is like Kevlar due to difference in their winters or something.  Despite this expert, I still dispatch ole wile coyote with a .17HMR at every opportunity.

Case in point #3.  I have been bombarded with propaganda to attend a farmer/consultant field day on growing corn and soybeans like a “high yield expert”.  I do attend field days, when there is something to learn or there is a topic of interest.  Its just part of the learning and educational process that farmers must go through if they are going to compete and stay profitable.  That being said this particular field day is a big JOKE.  Its put on by a couple of self promoted and self proclaimed experts whom I wouldn’t let on my farm.  One half of this Abbot and Costello team I have know and been some what acquainted with for over 10 years through a friend.  They are only about the sale and what they are selling today is better than what they sold yesterday.  Did I say this was a joke already?  What do they know?  NOTHING.  Most of what they are going to present is either stolen from universities, picked from other companies with similar products or services and other field days or is not proven with independent non biased research and is only being used to end up selling a couple of products that they get kick back for.  Yet, with no industry certifications or qualifications, they have set themselves up as experts, and got the backing of people who should know better,  on growing high yield crops and are fleecing attendees for big money when its all said and done.

Case in point #4.  The University of Illinois Extension.  A complete Chinese fire drill of experts who have never “been there or done that” trying to tell the world how much they know about the real world.  Nuff said there.

Yes, I have had my fill of experts this year already.  That is why I wont be going to any more field days, conferences or meetings other than a very select few for the remainder of the year.  That is also why I have assigned junk and spam status to a lot of emails from experts and why I have erased several talk and discussion boards from my internet favorates.

The result of riding myself of so many experts is that my blood pressure is much lower lately.

Trust me, I know what I am talking about…………..


The last few weeks I have taken a bit of time to really watch and listen, as much as I can stomach, the morning news shows.  Really most are more like tabloid talk shows than news shows, there seems to be little news and a lot of comment and mud slinging.  The one thing that they all have in common, minus maybe one, is the soft sell of a political view or spinning of the news to their political view.  For me it seems pretty obvious what they are selling, and I am not buying.  So here are my reviews/overviews/comments on my watching of the morning news shows.  Take it for what its worth.


In no particular order:


Morning Joe.   Joe Scarborough is the “anchor” of this program along with his sidekick Mika Brzezinski.  They have a panel of has been political hacks and has been media types as their choir to whom the seek comment on about every story they cover.  The leather faced choir is dull and adds little value to the program as far as I can tell.  All of these horses should have been let out to pasture a long time ago. Joe, while reported to be a Republican (and I have no idea why this is important) seems to not have any anchored values on any issue and is blown in the wind on what he believes or feels on any topic on any day by what the old horses say.  A better show would be Morning Mika, where they just let Mika do the news and not have any old fart choir, comments or Joe to bring her down and mess up the program.


Fox and Friends.  Steve, Brian and Gretchen (of who hasn’t been on much the last two weeks I have tuned in) anchor a program that tries to offer news it appears along with to much stuff that isn’t news.  The non news seems to outnumber the news items about three to one.  The news items are reported almost always with comment from the anchors or their panel of “fair and balanced” hacks.  There is always disagreement in the panel (big surprise there) and while there is room for comment the anchors always have to comment on the comments.  I find this to be very boring and not watchable.  Worse yet the real news segments are very short and incomplete.  Much like Morning Joe, Fox and Friends needs to loose the panels and just stick to the news.   Brian’s humor is much needed and appreciated on the show.  Cut the junk out, cut the comments out and make the news segments longer.    Then I could stand to watch the show longer than 10 min a morning.


Countdown.  I assume that Keith Olbermann’s Countdown show that is on in the morning is a rerun of the show on at night.  It doesn’t matter.  Two things about this show or more important the shows host.  I have never seen a person on TV look like they are in so much pain.  Seriously, he looks like he is in a tremendous amount of pain (or severally constipated) while he is reading his lines.  That and how one person can be full of so much hate.  I tried to watch this several times and just couldn’t.  Get this man some professional help, he needs it.


American Morning on CNN.  The only show that is maybe as bad as trying to watch Countdown.  Its very shallow.  OK shallow doesn’t describe how “non” deep it is.  Ditch the anchors, get some news anchors and just do the news.  Better yet just pipe in the HLN feed during this time slot and save the production money CNN.  It’s the cellar dweller for a reason.


Imus in the Morning.  Not much news.  They do a news segment that covers the “top” stories, a business news segment (its on Fox Business News after all) that covers breaking business news of the morning and they have comment.  Just enough comment and not too much. It’s a radio show and Imus interviews his guest, does his commentary along with the shows cast following the script.  It has the right amount of humor and interviews and depth on interviews. I don’t know if its because its not a “news talk show” or if its because it’s a “radio show” that’s on TV that makes it different and entertaining.   Other than the “Blond on Blond” segment which features Imus’s wife, the show is watchable.


Overall after surfing the programs in the morning anymore I migrate back to Imus and end up spending most of my morning news show time on his program.  I laugh, watch and listen while I am getting ready in the morning.   What ever this show is doing works for me and makes me watch and listen (except for when he drags his wife on, then I go to the Weather Channel) for most of the morning.


To be truthful there isn’t much news on the news programs or stations anymore.  If you want news, you’re not going to get it from any of these shows without the slant they want you to hear.  Matter of fact your not going to get any news, just a headline with lots and lots of comment from people that don’t have a clue what real people living in or going though in this country right now.  .

There are just things you cant make up in this world.  Most all of them come from the Government, state or federal.

I took this picture at Rend Lake.  I think it pretty much explains why our government is screwed up beyond all recognition and why it will never be or hope to be anything that resembles NORMAL.

When regulations and safety Nazis take the place of common sense then we dumb down the people, and create a dependance on an entity that is incapable of even taking care of itself.

Which is what I think our elected leaders what.  Dependence on them…….

I give you Exhibit A:

Its election day for local seats here in Illinois tomorrow. To be honest, other than a couple of school board members and a college board member, I couldn’t tell you who is running for what. I couldn’t tell you I cared either. Its the same do nothing running against the same do nothings all trying to build up their own egos, and wallets, while pretty much ignoring what is happening in the real world.

I will go vote. Just to vote for the two school board candidates and for the one college board member. Then I will have to explain to the election judge that I didn’t vote for anyone else and yes that is the reason the machine is kicking my ballot out.

Dont get me started on the political hacks that are judges anymore…..

Last night I saw where Obama is pulling the National Guard off the Mexican border where they have been trying to help stop the illegal immigrants and drug runners cross the border illegally.  Remember that, illegally cross the border.  Illegally.  Illegal.  As in against our laws……….

This morning I watched as Obama TSA chief said that we have to feel up grandma at the airport to prevent another act of terrorism.  That we have to give up some of our rights to be safe.  Law abiding citizens of this country have to give up their rights to be safe.  Legal people living within the law have to give up their rights………


Well I think I really know what is going on.  Illegal Hispanic “non residents” vote Democratic.  Oh yes, they can vote, get drivers license and go to school and get in state tuition.  These Democratic voters get all the perks.

Meanwhile some horny TSA agent is feeling up your grandma, wife or daughter at the airport in the name of security.  What laws did they break?  Oh yes, they wanted to fly……………

2012 cant come quick enough.

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