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What a difference a couple of days and 50 deg in temperature makes!

Well here it is on Christmas Eve and it is snowing.  A good ol’ heavy wet snow.  Not bad, and only 12 hrs earlier than the weather man said, but we will take it. 

From all of us here at Robertson Farms

 to all of our Friends, Family, Readers and Followers

May the Happiness and Good Cheer

of the Christmas Season be yours

throughout the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

Here is an out the back door picture showing the snow………

Been off line for the last four days, my hard drive went out.  I have been reduced to my phone and a notebook computer that I cant seem to get to do much, don’t know whats wrong with it.  But I hope Tyler gets me going again in the next day or so………..

Spreading lime………..dusty as everything else

Busy, Busy, Busy…………….

Took this picture with my new Blackberry, had to replace the other one but made it two years before it started to loose the magic smoke that makes it work.  This morning its kind of overcast as we are hoping it will rain!  The beans are just starting to turn yellow, so we have a while yet until we cut them………all my beans are about like this.

I will finish up the Communications Blog Part III over the weekend and then make a report on the Marion Appleseed Shoot and then get back to Agriculture……..

I hope.

Well at least it is a dark green this week.  Last week before the rain we were a greenish yellow wilted color.  That color isn’t good for indicating plant health. 

Out the back door picture(s) for this week showing the drought and heat stressed beans here behind the house. The cool weather of late has helped and the rain of a week ago has the beans blooming again. But those pods that are being set are only 2 bean pods. That ain’t good! We will see what the weekend brings as we have another slight chance of rain.



OK with the week all screwed up with jury duty and everything else that went on I decided to celebrate the good news of the “no surgery yet” verdict from the surgeon with some brats and onions on the grill.

We will return to regular AG and Firearms post next week………………I promise!

I woke up this morning to a half inch or rain. Wonderful! Would take some more but that is great. The double crop beans are progressing right along but still have a ways to go to top the wheat straw yet. I will post pictures of the double crop beans in the canola stubble in a few days.

.75 inches of rain the last 36 hours.  Not near the 2 inches they were yelling about but really nice for us.  Some got much more and some got a little less but there is some severe weather potential this afternoon as the front passes through.

It has been a while sense I mentioned wheat so I took a picture of the wheat to show that I still have it and that it is in the process of filling the kernels.  While final yield is a way off, I must say that even with the drown out spots this is the best looking wheat crop I have had in a long time.  The stand is uniform in height, color and head size.  The bonus is that I have no lodging at this point, subject to change with a big wind………..

Its not Friday but here is an out the back door picture for you from Wednesday morning.  This cloud formation was pretty different and impressive as it rolled, yes the clouds rolled along.  I tried several different ways to photograph it but this was the best picture I could come up with, and it doesn’t do it justice.


I have seen a similar cloud formation, in 2008 near Wayne City.  I took this picture while scouting corn that day…..

I am in the corn field, applying anhydrous.  Or side-dressing anhydrous to be more technical.  Fields are about 80% right, with the swags still wet.  Wit the weather forecast they will get wetter, so its time to roll.

So slow posting until I am done.

Here is a bit of a teaser for the auto steer video.  Guess where the auto steer was used and where it wasn’t………….

Choice A

Choice B

I am exhausted, for some reason.  Well, I know the reason(s):  Fighting my computer again, trying to get all the important things off that “to do list” done before the monsoons hit tonight and trying to secure and put back all the equipment I took last weekend on the FTX (field training exercise).

I am really trying to get the video(s) done and the pictures posted but the darn media players etc. on this computer are just making my life so hard.  So last night I deleted them all and reinstalled a few and things seem to be some what better, but not much yet.  Hopefully this weekend…………

However I do have a corn update:  This morning the Agrometer showed 138 GDUs since I planted the last field of corn on 19 April.  So a look to see if the corn was up and YES, minus a few places where the seed was a little deeper or where water stood from the last rain.  So I took the time to play with my camera after Tyler showed me some tricks with it and took this picture, its the best of the bunch, but I am learning a new game to play when taking pictures.


Wheat Update:  I also noted that I have ignored the wheat crop in favor of the Canola with regular updates.  So here is the status of the wheat crop.  We are heading and looking pretty good right now…………but with wheat or “poverty grass” as Marty Richardson called it, all is subject to change with one rain.

U of Illinois research farm out of Dixon Springs also got their fertilizer strips on their research plots yesterday.  Steve Ebelhar and the guys were putting out some different treatments and then they will come back and plant right over the treatments to see what gets the biggest bang for the buck.  I have to admit, their small plot equipment is something to look at, I love their combine!  Pictures of that later this year. 


It has been a very good and productive week here on the farm.  Ready for a restful weekend.  However I got the feeling that we will be doing some storm spotting and chasing instead of resting much………….


Rain last night late.  Best I can tell about half an inch.  I say best I can tell as the ground under the truck isn’t wet but the gauge showed one inch.  Upon investigation by looking at various containers out in the yard, about half an inch.  So……..stormy weather predicted for the next few days. 

Well here it is…………looking a lot like spring!  The canola in the background is flowering, hence the yellow!

First off THANK YOU to all my followers and Visitors!!! 

What a great bunch of people you are!  For the month of March we have exceeded 690 unique visitors and had over 1647 sites visits.  That’s better than 53 visits a day with the highest on day visit of 93!

I was hoping to get to that level by the middle of this summer but the steady growth has been accelerated this month. 

Again THANK YOU.  Now go and tell you friends about it!

Picture out the back door…………if this would have been later in the day I might have had a picture with the applicator in it applying the N to the wheat or canola………..no such luck when I took this picture.

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