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We are out of the woods so to speak here in Southern Illinois……but our friends to the west and north, not so much.


A long and busy schedule of meetings in January is now over, thank goodness. I am worn out. I think I was on the road for meetings over half the month of January and into the first of February.

There were several good things I picked up that need attention in the near future. There is a lot of info that everyone might be interested in and I don’t want to forget something, but I will.

Bryan Young and Larry Steckel have put on some great presentations on Palmer Amaranth  ( short article intro to Palmer ) if you are not up to speed on this weed you had better get ready…….. the chemical management of this weed species is very important. If you get a chance to see one of these speakers, go to the meeting and learn about Palmer before you get it. There is also a good mode of action chart for management of resistant weeds that Bryan has been handing out: click here to access it.

Soybean size is going to be very large this year. You need to be aware of what seed size your getting and get the appropriate plate size to insure proper planting populations. This is industry wide and some are reporting shortages of plates in some areas…… may have to do some calling to find them.

I have been in contact with some of you who have expressed interest in refining your management zones for either soil sampling or variable rate applications. I have been talking to, and have an initial agreement with, another consulting company to have access to a Veris tool ( .  Veris tools are used for making more accurate soil maps, mapping OM or pH for VRT or soil sampling.  I am encouraging anyone interested in VR seeding to do some Veris EC maps to help guide this process.  Our soil maps in So IL are not the greatest, and in some cases have not been updated in 40+ years. We can also do elevation mapping at the same time. If you are interested in this, please contact me so that I can put together as many acres as possible to get the best utilization of the tool.

Well here it is the first of February and the weather in January has been all over the board.  We have now had three snow events but between the snows the temperatures have been almost to the upper 60’s in one case.  So you leave the house with you winter and spring clothes depending upon how long you will be gone.


I took this picture on Sunday after a 40% chance of snow on Saturday night turned into a 2-3 inch snow event.  It was down right cold with temps in the upper teens this after a Tuesday of short sleeve weather, high winds, down pours of rain and tornado watches and warnings.

This coming week we start off today with snow or rain shower, warm up to rain and possible severe weather on Thursday again followed by thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday again with temps approaching 60 by the weekend.

Is it no wonder everyone is sick………….

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