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In case you haven’t seen or heard about this yet…………. beware where you hunt.

Latest commercial by my brother Jonathan…….. (that’s him driving the car.)

With deer and the other hunting seasons just around the corner I thought I would hang up these funny pictures to help lighten everyone’s load……..



Shelled my first corn today. This field would normally make 10-11 times as much as it did.  Worse yet was that the yield estimate was about 30 bu/ac……..why I didn’t destroy it.


Anyway I still have 40 acres to harvest that might make over 50………….  then we get the bush hog out and start mowing down the rest of it.

If I can get everything together I will try to start shelling corn tomorrow.  I guess I am the last one to start in the area.  Since the 16th of August it has been super busy with all kinds of stuff and I have not really had time to commit to getting ready.

Crop insurance looked at over half my corn crop and estimated it a below 10 bu/ac so I will end up destroying those acres and will concentrate on harvesting my two best farms.  I suspect that the one will make sub 40 bushel corn and the other might make near 100 but the aflatoxin is going to be a problem on where I can sell it I think.

Maybe once I get back in the field I will start posting more, I just have lost interest in all things as of late…….need to get back on the page.

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