In the last 72 hours we have had two pop up thunderstorms, one with nickel to quarter sized hail and high winds, that  dumped in a short amount of time, a total of 1.7 inches or rain.

It is too late for the corn crop sans one 40 acre field that I planted late on May the 5th that is just now trying to tassel, but it should be more than enough moisture to get the beans I planted 10 days ago to germinate and come up.

But there is no moisture below the seed once it does come up………and we have all of July and August, typically our dry and hot period of the year, to go.

Holding out hope that we have a bean crop of some type………….

2 Responses to Now we get a rain………

  • Fritz de Jager says:

    Hi, I would like to find out what the yields are looking like over there with you. All the best.

  • admin says:

    Corn Yields are looking to be 0 to 50 bu/ac depending on planting date. Soybeans are not far enough along to make a prediction yet. That corn yield would be 1/3 to 1/4 of normal if it made 50 bu.

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