All of the corn pictured was planted between March 30 and April 19 in Franklin Co, Illinois.

Sorry for the bad pictures in most cases, between the time of day, angle of the sun and using a small camera it doesn’t do it justice.  Most all of the corn is trying to tassel.

3 Responses to Sunday Pictures of Drought Stressed Corn

  • Kenny Knight says:

    That is what our dryland corn looked like last year. We chopped it all for silage. It made from 3-5 tons/acre.

  • christopher says:

    Not good my friend, especially with this weeks forecast.

  • Big John says:

    I feel your pain. Here in eastern nd we got our corn in early and so nice probably best ever but another week with no rain i forecast and 85the degrees plus ita going to go downhill here quick too. At least were a ways away from tasseling here. Sad thing thag there will be $7 plus corn and nobody will have any to sell.

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