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Well after two attempts in the middle of a drought, we got “rained out” of cutting wheat.  We got a “shower” of 0.07 that made the wheat jump up two points in moisture and made it cut tough. So everything is back in the barn waiting on the next rain event and what we will do…………..

A quick review of the rain totals collected by my weather stations show that in the month of April I have had 2.04 inches of rain here at HQ.  For May as of this morning, with a “significant rain event almost a guarantee” (statement by local weather guesser), we have had 0.21 inch of rain.  YTD its 9.67.

The big April rain total came mostly out of three big rains on the 4th, 13 and 16th.  Each rain was a total of 0.5 inch.

It will take a significant rain event to get the moisture to meet.

On news of my soybean crop, which is not planted, as in zero or none, I am still waiting for my seed production beans to get from South America to here.  Like it matters now, no moisture is no reason to plant.  I just about broke the blade on  my pocket knife trying to dig for moisture yesterday.  Plus the weeds are about to take the field for the third time. I am running out of options on what to spray to control the weeds……….

We are headed to the wheat field today.  Got ready yesterday and providing that everything works, we will cut wheat today.

Only have a whole 60 acres this year so with any luck, and its ready, we will get done today if not real close.

Keep your fingers crossed

I got done sidedressing the last two fields of corn with anhydrous today.  That means other than one last shot of post chemicals tomorrow, the corn crop is now on its own.

Now my focus shifts to wheat cutting which will happen next week………

And then I hope by the 8 of June (first it was the 1st of May then May 15 and then June 1) my parent seed will be here and I can start planting some soybeans.

In the meantime, we are bone dry, low humidity, windy and getting hot.  More like August weather than May.  The last real rain I had was about April 13.

Ready for a few days off……..

I took these pictures while sampling on a client of mine who has planted 15 inch row wheat.  The wheat looks great and I am excited to see and hear how it yields.  It would be great to be able to do away with a grain drill………..


Here is a picture of some of the corn on the farm just after sidedressing.  For those naysayers on Twitter and Facebook who think I am exaggerating how dry are, take a look.  Need a rain.

Well I have 45 acres or so of anhydrous left to sidedress when the corn gets a little bigger.  Other than that it is sit back and wait on my seed beans.  Yep sitting and waiting on my parent seed.  Seems they are having a time clearing customs.

Wheat harvest is approaching fast.  I think it will cut about the first of June.  This will be the earliest wheat harvest I can ever imagine.  I need to start getting bins ready while it is still cool.

Lots of anhydrous going on this week around the area.  Side dressing corn is my second favorite part of growing corn.  Number 1 is shelling it!  But I love side dressing corn almost as much as running the combine.

There is just something about how the corn reacts a few days after the tool bar opens up the soil and the plant grabs the nitrogen that makes me know we have a shot at a big crop.  I say shot because it all comes down to rain and weather in the end, but I always feel that I gave it every chance when I side dress.

Anyway here is a picture that Randy Anderson posted on Facebook of him finishing up on Friday night.  A very good picture.  Randy is one of my soil testing clients and also a fellow Farm Bureau member and Crop Watcher for the ILFB Farm Week.  You can follow his reports from Saline Co, IL  here if you dont get the Farm Week.

Here is a few pictures I took. The first is my tractor and tank applying anhydrous behind the house when I got started on Tuesday night.


This last picture I took when down at Cornersville, IL pulling some soil samples on ground farmed by David Hale.  It had just been side dressed and they have closers on the tool bar that made the little mole mound.  I really like this picture also.

I am swamped with everything right now.  Corn is all planted and all but 15 acres is up.

Got to start spraying and sidedressing N quick.

No beans to plant yet.

No rain yet.

Keep checking back I will try to throw something up!

This wont help in an emergency………

Got done planting corn Friday.  The last planted was into dry ground and as I type this its thundering but not raining, again.  It might lay there until it rains.

We shall see what happens all but the last 50 acres or so is up and looking good.  Time for some nitrogen end of next week.

Well, after sitting and waiting on the big rains to come, we only got a lot of thunder and 0.17 inch or rain.

So I planted corn yesterday afternoon.  We got our Pioneer PK plot done and only like 11 acres of corn at this point.

Then its time for beans…………

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