Started planting corn today.  Field I was in had been deep tilled in January when it was so dry and it also has tile.  It was dry and worked like a lettuce bed!  Best working ground we have had in years.

I ran the autosteer but for what ever reason it kept loosing GPS fix in one place in the field so I ran with the markers down and it was good to see that the competing technologies matched up!

One thing that always amazes me is that coyotes are not scared the least bit of farm equipment.  And it always amazes me that I never have a firearm when these events happen………

One Response to Planting Corn and Coyotes

  • That last photo would have been a good 6-gun shot. I know because I’ve done it with a .41 Mag S&W, but then maybe that’s the reason its getting so I don’t see the coyotes like I used to. They ALWAYS appear when you DON’T have a gun and seldom do when you DO.

    Rode 3 rounds with my tenant tonight as he planting over at the west place. JD8320 and a new 12 row planter with auto-steer and the markers UP. He asked if I miss it? “Nope!” and that new stuff is way too advanced for my foggy head. I’d rather shoot coyotes with a six-gun…

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

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