I have recently been amused by all the talk going on by those who identify themselves as baseball fans, particularly Cardinal fans, about one of their players signing a huge contract with another team and leaving St Louis.

“Where is his loyalty?”

“Its all about the money isn’t it?”

“I am going to burn all my Albert Cardinals merchandise!”

And so on………  You get the picture don’t you?

Anyway not being a fan of “games”, and I view baseball along with football and basketball as games, not sports. I have found this whole things very amusing to say the least.  Watching grown people, mostly in size only, wine and cry like a bunch of preschoolers who either messed their pants or who have had their toy taken away over a man making a business decision is humorous.

No one knows the team colors anymore.  No one loves the team.  Its all about the player and not the team.

When the manager of the Cardinals retired after the World Series win, where was all the bellyaching then?

Where is his loyalty?

Its all about the money isn’t it?

Nope, you didnt hear that did you?  You heard things like “Smart move Tony” and “He did a good job” and “He was a great manager” and so forth.

But Tony left just as Albert did.  Only for different reasons.

One of the reasons I loathe the NBA is what Michael Jordan did.  When the Bulls won it was all about MJ and his great score in the game.  When the Bulls lost it was all about the rest of the team.  It was never about MJ when they lost or the Bulls when they won.  The media and the fans forgot that it takes a team to win or loose, not one player.  When they won it was MJ and when they lost it was the team.

Was MJ a great player?  Yes, I guess he was.  But was he any better than anyone else?  Nope, I don’t think so because he had a team behind him.  A team that was ignored by the media and the fans.  Other great players who had such a supporting team behind them could have done some of the same great things.

Its all about the team.

So Red Bird fans your either a Cardianl fan or your not.  If you know the team colors then you understand that its not all about Albert or Tony but about everyone who sits in the dugout as well as on the field.  You will understand that Albert did what he did because he is a businessman and it wasn’t personal.  You will give him the same thank you and courtesy that you give Tony who is also a business man.

And you will put on your generic Cardinal shirt or hat and sit in your seat and support the team.  THE WHOLE TEAM.  You will know the team colors.  And when the Cards trade the next great player away from whomever you wont gloat but understand it was a business decision and support your team.

Otherwise your no different than what your trying to make Albert out to be……..

2 Responses to Does anyone know the team colors anymore?

  • Randy says:

    You give me 254 million for the next ten years and I might even move to china. My self I would just like one million for the next ten. I am sure I can find something to spend it on. And that is why the —- tickets are so high and this the first time we have been there since the old stadium.

  • Randy Darr says:

    Being a Cardinal fan and not a particular player fan, I too have been shaking my head in regards to how some of Cardinal Nation has reacted to this whole episode. Everyone loves Stan Musial. He was the first player to make $100,000 as an athele in any professional sport. Do you think that he didn’t do it for the money? Stan the Man’s only problem was that there was no free agency when he played. I like the line from The Natural. “They come and they go Hobbs. They come and they go.”

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