This harvest has been a long one and is still going on for a lot of folks even as the “big rains” approach.  For me it seemed it lasted three months, but it wasn’t really that long.  In the end it finished very quickly and I cut more acres of beans in one day here on my farm that I have ever cut before.  No, it wasn’t the low yield. It was that everything was right:  The beans were ready, the stems were dry, the machine was working properly.  Everything came together to finish.

All of that time in the combine cab or tractor cab gives one time to think, but not opportunity to put it down in a blog.  By the time I got done I had either forgot some of what I wanted to blog about, or the topic was no longer relevant so to speak.  So I am ready this morning to start off the my renewed blogging with a firestorm of sorts, but got my mind changed by my trail camera.

The kids and I went and downloaded the trail camera I have set between my two deer stands.  We don’t take deer hunting seriously here anymore.  First off, I don’t have, or don’t make the time to do it like we use to.  Second, I have got soft in my middle age and if its windy or wet, or windy and wet forget it.  I am not freezing my butt off for a cut of meat that isn’t that good to start with.  The kids want to go so we go and sit and watch the wildlife more or less.

Deer are refereed to as Government Goats around here.  They enjoy the elevated status of protected species in the sense that they are “owned by the people of the state of Illinois” and you have to have a permit to hunt them, even on your own land.  Yet as a land owner I have to let the goats free graze and free roam all over me so the “people” or “owners” of the goats can enjoy them.  Don’t get me wrong, I like deer, but I like deer management even better.  But deer management anymore in this part of the state means only one thing:  Outfitters.

Deer hunting outfitters are more of a nuisance than the deer anymore.  Between the lack of respect for private property by placing hunters on ground they don’t lease, destroying crops with their ATV’s, the effort to grow bigger deer to command a bigger fee and their fighting with one another I think we should have an outfitter season instead of a deer season.  Outfitter season would be open to hunt all outfitters, their trucks, stands and ATV’s with them sold and the proceeds going to charity.

In short:  Lock and Load and put them out of business!

Oh yes I know they are an “economic boom” for the community…….yea right.  They are an economic boom for their own pocket book and cost farmers and land owners millions for the destruction they do with their equipment and the deer they are trying to grow to the crops and land.

Now, with that off my chest, back to the trail camera.

We don’t get a lot of deer staying here on our farm.  Our farm is a transition for the deer between the two water sources around here and the two or three bedding areas.  Food is plentiful.  You might see several deer in one day and then not see a deer for a week or better.  So it was a great surprise to me and the kids when we downloaded the trail camera and got several pictures like this of two bucks fighting.  Not just once but twice.  I am sure its the same bucks from the looks of it, most likely two years old, but they were locking horns.  And they did it on two different occasions.

So there is hope for the kids this year that they will see a buck from the deer stand.  I have hope that we might get to see these two fight live and in person this fall.  And if we see them from the stand then it was a good day hunting.  And if we don’t see them, it was a still a good day hunting.  No matter if a shot is fired or not, it will be a good time with the kids out enjoying creation.

I highly recommend a trail camera even if you don’t hunt.  I has been enjoyable viewing the pictures seeing what is crossing the farm:  cats, dogs, coyotes, foxes, skunks, raccoons, deer and other “things” that you might not necessarily think are on your property.  I keep waiting for the shot of the ATV from some trespasser………..


6 Responses to Government Goats and Deer Outfitters

  • Ed Schloz says:

    I notice you have a Bushnell camera. What model would you recommend? Your picture is very clear!

  • Evelyn says:

    Hey Kel, really enjoyed your blog this morning and loved all the pics from the field camera.

  • admin says:

    Ed I got the Trophy Cam model 119435 because I wanted to use this as a security camera at one of our grain bin set ups where they have been stealing stuff. I was told this camera would do the job better than others for site surveillance purposes. I couldn’t seem to get it to work like I thought it should so I put it up on the deer stand and have found that it was working properly. I thought I was missing stuff but in most cases a “blank” pictures is a result of dust or leaves or some type of movement not associated with a “target”. Will be putting it up at the bins pretty soon to catch thieves.

  • Ed Schloz says:

    Thanks for the info…the camera just might make a good Christmas present! :)

  • I surprised you have to get a permit for your OWN land. In Indiana we have an exemption called “Landowner’s Permit”. As long as you are on your own ground or ground you operate, all you have to do is after killing the gov’t goat is fill out your own permit on a scrap of paper and attach to the hind leg of the dead Bambi. I guess this is one area where Indiana is AHEAD of Illinois…

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  • admin says:

    You have to fill out the same paperwork as paid hunters do, but either send in a copy of your property taxes showing at least 40 acres owned or you FSA ??? form showing you rent more than 40 acres WITH a copy of your rental contract and then you are issued an either sex or anterless only permit. Its the same permit as the paid but the paid is XXXXX through and the word LANDOWNER are printed below it. Without the permit, you poaching…..

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