Matthew stayed home on Friday from school and ran the combine for me while I hauled to the bins so that we could get done shelling corn for 2011.  I say done, as I am done with my part of corn harvest. U of I Dixon Springs still has 3 acres of corn to harvest as part of their fertility research that they have ongoing on my farm.  So other than the little small patch all the corn is off the Robertson Farm.

I haven’t totaled up the bushels yet but we are below average in yields for the year.  The corn-on-corn really hurt us yield wise but that field was also the field that had the majority of replanting, so it’s hard to say what should have been done there. Maybe replanted the whole thing? I don’t know.  Something to think about later.

So today I will switch everything over to soybeans and begin bean harvest.  That means that I will have to “decontaminate” the combine or clean it out thoroughly so I can cut seed production beans first before cutting my other commercial beans.  The reason for the clean out is to avoid any other crop or bean variety from contaminating the desired seed production.  Its not that hard but it is time consuming. The combine has to be cleaned out which means all the those corners and places where grain hangs up inside the guts and in the grain tank. The truck has to be cleaned and so does the auger used to load the bin.

I hope by dark that I have at least cut a truck load of beans and am well on my way to getting the big end behind me on Tuesday.  But I have been constantly told that I plan too far ahead sometimes………

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  • Ed Winkle says:

    I didn’t realize you harvested soybeans after corn. Can’t do either here right now. Agree on your post on CPAg. You worked hard to do that and I don’t begrudge anyone who did. I just never quite got the impetus to do it.

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