Well after posting my comments on the TV gun shows I like and watch I felt almost obligated this morning to post which one is the lamest.  That presents a problem:  I don’t want to give them any more recognition than they already get and I cant pick one but two.  So I have a tie.

After a bout of insomnia last night I turned on the TV to see Sons of Guns.  Wow.  Painful.  Horrible.  Between the show production, stupidity of the “characters” and attitude of the whole cast, I think that would be the last place I would want working on my guns let alone try to buy one there.  I cant see why people think this is good TV let a lone a good reflection on gun owners/manufactures/gun smiths.  I dont get it.

I guess if anything my viewing experience last night did do one thing postive for my other least favorate gun show:  It gave it some company on my list of things not to watch.  That show?  Top Shots.

If Sons of Guns is a root canal, Top Shots is getting teeth pulled without the local pain killer.  Yea Top Shots, you now have company in the “you suck the most” camp if not just maybe passed at the bottom of the barrel.  Something I didn’t think could happen.

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