Monday night and Wednesday nights are my two nights of TV so to speak.  In other words if I want to watch TV anymore, its on these two night because its “gun” night those two nights on Sportsman and Outdoor channels.

I have to admit that “Wednesday Night at the Range” on Outdoor channel is my favorite of the two nights and has my new favorite show “Midways USA’s Gun Stories”.  I really have been enjoying this show.  The production quality is excellent with the use of slow motion capturing the operation of the firearms, the host Joe Mantegna adds not only some class but the acting helps with the presentation of the topics and the experts that are interviewed add many different angles and perspectives to the gun or topic being discussed.

Really the show is, in my opinion, a significant step up in gun/hunting/outdoor show presentation and quality.  Matter of fact, it makes a few of the other shows on these channels look pretty amateurish.  That’s not a put down but just a statement on how much of a leap this show makes in production quality.

To be fair some of the other shows on these two nights are a presentation of technical issues, some are of competitions and some are instructional.  The type of production in Gun Stories would not lend its self well to these shows.  However I think that in the end that Gun Stories will only help to elevate the quality of the other shows.  That makes us that watch gun TV winners in the end.

I also really enjoy Shooting USA which has a very high production quality as well and has a good mix to topics from one week to the next.  I remember watching Shooting USA on the TNN network on Sundays after church many, many years ago now and thought at the time how well it was produced and shot.  Two other shows I enjoy are Guns and Ammo TV and Gallery of Guns.  The other shows are done well but depending on the topic of the night either hold or dont hold my attention long.

One show I miss is Tactical Impact.  Dont know what happened to it but its gone.  I like it better than Tactical Arms and so far thought it was better than the new Tac TV.  To be fair to Tac TV I have not got to see it very regularly but again there was something about the production quality and flow of Tactical Impact that I really liked.


3 Responses to Good Gun Shows

  • Ed Schloz says:

    I must try to grab the remote from my dear wife and attempt to change channels!

  • I haven’t seen the new ‘tactical’ show, Tac TV, but what I’ve heard about “Tactical Impact” and “Tactical Arms” is Larry Vickers lost his advertisers. Everyone acknowledged he had a good show and good ratings, but no one wanted to sign the check that was necessary to renew the show. Even his producer got let go, or at least that’s what I heard about 4 or 5 months back…

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  • admin says:

    Well, he kind of lost me the other night when he was referring to us viewers as “holmes” and said a few other things that were kind of gangster or what ever the correct urban slang is for that kind of talk. Then watching him try to shoot a trashcan at 1000 yrds and his scope keep coming loose/falling off made me think either he really doesn’t know what he is doing or they just had a bad hair day at the range. Either way, he kind of lost me………

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