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Down to 20 acres.  Waiting on trucks…….

Way too wet to plant beans right now. Almost been stuck twice with the combine.


Rain:  Got 3 inches over the weekend, some had 5-6 inches.  Sun came out yesterday.  44.5 inches of rain for the year so far.

Wheat: Got 65 acres left to cut, hope to get some of it today if it will dry.  Its going to be muddy out there for sure.

Bean Planting:  Still at 0% but time is running out and we are going to try to smear some in if the weather will hold by the weekend.

The spring that will not end………

This has been my view of the world the last few days.  It is muddy in places in the fields but we are going and the yields have been good.  Quality is also good but rain is in the forecast for the next few days so I hope to get done with one more good day of weather……….we will see.

I need to get some beans planted………

Another 1.5 here last night, 4 or more just north and west of our place.

No wheat cutting here, no bean planting, no nothing……….

Water standing everywhere.

I think this puts me at almost 9 inches of rain for the last 8 days.

I am living my own version of the movie “Groundhog Day”.

Rainfall for last week was Tuesday 1.5 inches, Friday 1.5 inches Saturday 2.9 inches and Sunday 0.8 inches.  By my math that’s close enough to 7 inches to call it seven inches.

There was a “microburst” or small tornado just a few miles north of us on Sunday morning.  Matt and I drove up there to see the huge trees uprooted and barns tore up.  Not good.

Wheat cutting is at a stand still.  Tried it yesterday and the moisture was 17.5.  High humidity and more rain isn’t going to help things at all……….

Speaking of more rain, its on the radar……….

I am in need of a break.

Had a great day today at Immanuel Baptist here in Benton.  Had a great sermon this morning from Pastor Sammy and a great service tonight where we licensed two young men to preach and also had our Lords Supper service.

Then tonight when I got home in my online reading I got to read a great sermon from Frank James.  Frank is a farmer, gun writer and TV star (at least he is on TV, Davidson’s Gallery of Guns show on Sportsman Channel).  Frank has a blog that I link to as one of the sites I visit almost every time I am on line.  Please take time to read the sermon that Frank delivered at his church today at this link:  Sunday Message on Fathers Day

Two great sermons for the day……..

Some photos off the cell phone this morning……..sorry for the poor quality, I never seem to have my good camera with me when I see something interesting like these things anymore……..???

First photo is of the super cell thunderstorm that went accross Jefferson and Wayne counties mid week.  Took this picture from the farm loooking north at the anvil cloud which is a classic sign of a bad, bad storm

Second is the beginning of the end of this corn field.  No its not one of ours, its by one of the new coal mines that practices long wall mining.  The ground has fractured and is falling and this is the crack and beginning of the falling of this land.  Pretty much destroying it as productive farm ground from now on.  Maybe a duck pond, but no more corn and soybeans………..

We got a rain.  After many false starts the last few days, dark clouds, wind, lightening, thunder and storm warnings we did get 1.5 inches of rain on Tuesday here at the farm.

From what I can gather rain fall totals ranged from right at 3 inches to as little as 0.8 inches.  This is great for the corn crop as in many places it was suffering from the heat and from the compacted soils of wet planting.  Many fields look like they grew a foot yesterday.

Now lets hope it wasn’t t0o much rain to keep the bean that guys planted on Monday from coming up!

Thought I would show a couple of pictures of two different corn crops.

Both Fields were planted on the same day, May 13.  Both fields were fall sub subsoiled with Field A V ripped and Field B an inline ripper.  Field A was sidedressed with anhydrous on June 6 while Field B was preplant anhydrous on April 10.

Field A was worked twice with a field cultivator and rolling basket twice while Field B was worked with one of those “chopper/slicer – no till/min till” tools once and then once with a field cultivator and basket combo.

I cant speak to what the corn variety is in each field but they both are hybrids from the same company.

I pulled PSNT on both fields today.  These two fields are across a field road from one another.  And while the pictures might not do it justice, there is a world of difference in the two this afternoon.

Field A, while it hasn’t grabbed the N applied yet, has a much greener color than Field B.  Field B has some interveinal chlorosis that could be S defency.  Field B was also leaf rolling this afternoon while Field A wasnt.  That cold be just a hybrid specific charastic or not, but it wasn’t that hot nor the weather you would expect to see leaf rolling in today.

You can see that both fields are about the same height.  What you cant see is that Field A probed easier than Field B.  That is in part due to the action of the knives in sidedressing.

I pulled PSNT samples to see A) how much N was left in Field B and B) to see how much N actually got applied in Field A.  I will have a follow up report on the N rates and comments on that in the next report.  I will try to follow these two fields through the growing season and make a report on their progress when I can.

My view of the world the last few days/afternoons/evenings when not soil sampling. Very tired to say the least.


I started sidedressing corn tonight. Got about 20 acres done before I had to go to a meeting. I have about another 10 acres to go then I will be done for a while.

The corn is growing in this heat pretty fast. I have corn everywhere from just emerging to knee high. That is even in the same field! I hope tomorrow to get you all some pictures and do a proper corn update soon.

Mean while we are quickly racing to wheat cutting. Things are turning fast and I anticipate seeing some wheat cut around the area first of next week. I think I have two weeks before any of mine will cut.

Tired, heading to be.

Pretty Awesome I think………..Battle of the Bulge sniper Ted Gundy takes a shot at 1000 yards.

Ended up having to replant about 25% of what I had planted yesterday.  I say replanted, I went in and spotted in.  The almost 4 inches of rain last week pretty much killed the corn anywhere it ran across the fields.

For this and for planting the last 30 acres, of which was still pretty wet, even after being worked, I used the old 6 row planter and little 70hp tractor so I could tiptoe over the wet areas and also use all the no till attachments on the planted to do a better job of planting even in the worked heavy ground.

I jokingly say “old school” as I am sure I am the only person in this part of the world who is running such small equipment these days.  But the old 12 row and Magnum are just to big and heavy and cause to much compaction in these conditions.

I was slow going, both in replanting and in planting but it did a very nice job and even planted better than it did the first time.

Now the corn that is up gets to roast in the 100 deg sun for the next two days as we go from wet and cool to very hot and dry.

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