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The last seven days have reminded me of Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day.

Every morning, every day, every evening the same thing:  Damp, drearry, overcast sky, rain, rain, weather radio going off, rain, lightening, skywarn net, rain then sleep.

seven days in a row…………

This morning the sun is out………..and it feels warm.  But the water is standing everywhere and will be for a while.

But we are lucky, our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have losses due to the flooding or tornados, both here and down south.

We are lucky indeed.

Well I haven’t posted much lately, spring break was last week for the kids so we were busy around here doing family things and then it started raining and I didn’t feel like posting much of anything. Plus with the rain there is nothing going on.

The kids on the other hand took advantage of our new lake, or what was our front yard before the 8 plus inches of rain we have had so far, to practice their fishing skills. Then they just decided it was a good reason to get wet………….



Well, what to do. Need to sample,  plant corn,  fix a roof. Need to do a lot of things today. This might be the only dry day this week.

But its too wet to sample, too wet and cold to plant corn, not enough time to fix the roof and not much time to start anything before the next storms get here on Tuesday.

So, I guess I will mow the yard and then get sacks and maps ready for the next dry spell.

Big 70 anniversary bash tomorrow plus a 96th birthday.  Be three old people there whose ages total 279 years………not too bad.

There are just things you cant make up in this world.  Most all of them come from the Government, state or federal.

I took this picture at Rend Lake.  I think it pretty much explains why our government is screwed up beyond all recognition and why it will never be or hope to be anything that resembles NORMAL.

When regulations and safety Nazis take the place of common sense then we dumb down the people, and create a dependance on an entity that is incapable of even taking care of itself.

Which is what I think our elected leaders what.  Dependence on them…….

I give you Exhibit A:

Had to patch a hole in the skylight of the machine shed today that the wind storm tore off, so while I was up there I took a picture or two with my cell phone of the wheat around the house.

You can see the water in the wheel tracks in the one shot.

Made the trip to Knob Creek on Saturday to see the machine guns go bang and to check out the gun show.  I didn’t exactly what to go, the weather was nice and I was itching to plant corn.  Well its good I went………first off I had a good time as always and second it kept me away from the farm and doing some thing stupid, like planting corn.

This year we went later in the day and stayed for the night shoot, or at least the beginning of the night shoot.  It was a blast, as usual.  Two thumbs up from myself and Matthew………there is just something about the smell of burnt gun power and burning targets that makes us smile.

Anyway here are some pictures of the festivities this spring………

Happy Anniversary Lori, we have made it 22 years……..28 if you count the years we dated!

I was going to post a picture of you on the site but know how much you would edit this page………..

I don t need a bunch of emails from the safety Nazis on this one. Sometimes you do what you have to do………….Just don’t do this one at home, we are what you call professionals.

Took some pictures this morning of the winter wheat crop here at our farm in Benton.

I am very well pleased this year with the entire crop. Yes there are some holes and some smaller plants due to late or uneven emergence but on the whole I think it is one of the best looking wheat crops we have ever had at this point.

The first planted field has jointed and is elongating rapidly.

Here are a couple of plants I pulled to look at the head development.

Many people dont know that you can see the head of wheat in the plant at this stage.

If I had a better camera and light source you could see the actual glooms or where the seed will develop and be held.


If everything keeps on track I think we will have an above average harvest at worst and a record harvest at best. But its a long time between now and harvest and a lot can happen. So with all crops we do everything we can do to make sure it has every chance and let the Lord do the rest.

Its election day for local seats here in Illinois tomorrow. To be honest, other than a couple of school board members and a college board member, I couldn’t tell you who is running for what. I couldn’t tell you I cared either. Its the same do nothing running against the same do nothings all trying to build up their own egos, and wallets, while pretty much ignoring what is happening in the real world.

I will go vote. Just to vote for the two school board candidates and for the one college board member. Then I will have to explain to the election judge that I didn’t vote for anyone else and yes that is the reason the machine is kicking my ballot out.

Dont get me started on the political hacks that are judges anymore…..

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