Well it started off as a wet snowing morning again here in Southern Illinois so I found myself inside at the desk sorting out soils sample maps for what needs to be spring sampled.

The nightmare of it is that the particular farm I was working on this morning is like trying to undo a rats nest of bailing twine.  Farms that are renamed, sold and split are making me pull my hair out.  I figure I had better get use to it as this is going to be more common as farmers get larger and compettion for rent ground gets tougher.  There still is the fact that these 20yr old plat books and hand drawn maps are an added unneeded addition to the mess.

Digital maps make this process a 20 minute job and not a 4-6 hour one like it has turned into.  Why cant everyone use GPS, GIS, Google Maps and all the other nice, neat and clean ways to handle data.  It just makes sense to handle data like this GIS and not paper in files with food stains and water marks.  This is why I went GIS/digital years ago……..and have not regretted it one bit.  Matter of fact it makes life as a soil sampler easy.

A hand drawn road map and field map on part of a fast food sack doesn’t get it.  At least for me it doesn’t.  After the last two hours, anyone who shows up here and needs a plat book map to do anything is so low tech that they will be showed the door.  Get digital or get out.  Make my life and yours a whole lot simpler.  At least show me that your in the 21 Century…………



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