On March 19, 2011 Robertson Farms began weather data collection using a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station pictured below.  We are streaming our observations live to the internet.  You can now access real time and daily total weather data from our farm in Benton.

Click the link below to see weather conditions at the farm in Benton, Illinois


Robertson Farms DAILY SUMMARY

The Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless unit features a rain gauge, thermometer, barometer, humidity, wind speed and direction instruments.  The wireless unit attaches to our internet modem so that weather is collected and stored online.  With the alarm feature I can have text or email messages sent when temperature or rainfall per hour exceed a level I set.  It also keeps a running summary of the daily totals.

I would like to see other farmers in the area get set up with these weather stations.  They are a great tool for record keeping, predicting insect and disease pressure as well as keeping track of growing degree days for crops.

Please visit the CURRENT FARM WEATHER page on our site to see what the weather is here NE of Benton.

Current Farm Weather

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