I like taking pictures with my digital camera.  The problem is that my digital camera is so big in comparison to my cell phone that I don’t carry it all the time.  Then I end up taking a picture with my cell phone for the blog and it isn’t worth a darn for publishing.

I am not sure what to do, I have considered getting an even bigger camera, on that would use the lenses from my old 35mm film camera, but they are quite pricey.  If I had that, then I could use my current camera as my everyday camera and not worry if it got broke or dirty.

My first digital camera was one of the old Sony cameras that used the 3.5 inch disks.  I never tore it up using it in the field.  My next was a Cannon SureShot, again never had a problem with it either until one day it just wouldn’t work anymore.  Cost more to fix than replace so I got another SureShot.  It is 4 times the last SureShot and was almost the same price.  Kind of like cell phones and DVD players, getting better all the time and getting cheaper.

So maybe i Just shouldnt worry and use it until it dies………..Tired of missing great materail to post because of a bad cell phone camera.

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