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I thought this was pretty cool.  I have a hard enough time hitting clay birds with a shotgun some days.

Well, its official. I have been invited to speak at the 2011 Farm Futures Farm Management Summit in St Louis, MO on Jan 4 and 5. 

My session will be:  Building the best team for your farm.  From consultants to a board of directors, how much outside expertise do you need, or can you afford? Here’s some advice on determining the best way to manage consultants, advisers and boards for your farm.

I am very honored to be asked to speak at this event. I have attended this meeting for three years now and consider it to be the premier farm management meeting of the year.  I would consider it a mini TEPAP.  The speaker panel is just awesome each year. Great Aggies like David Kohl, Mike Boehlje, Dick Wittman, Moe Russell and Danny Klinefelter come to share and teach. 

So make plans to attend in St Louis this Jan 4-5.  I will post a link to the agenda and registration site when it is posted.

Just finished a drive back from Phoenix, all 1600 miles of it, and now its time to get back to work.  But first some random thoughts this morning.

We have had about .75 of  an inch of rain from the storm that went thought this morning. I really hope that’s enough to get the wheat to come up.  It has been a long time between rains here, like August I think, so we needed every drop.

I continue to watch with great humor the liberal left eat their young and euthanize their old:  The Juan Williams firing.  NPR really messed up this time and I think it is going to hurt them were it hurts the most, their pocket book. 

The President seems to be using racial slurs now to describe the Republican Party at some campaign stops.  Note that NPR or the other three letter left wing news organizations aren’t picking it up and reporting it.  The national double standard continues for this President. 

In driving back from Phoenix all you heard on the radio was campaign ads.  Negative ones at that, and they all sounded the same, from one race to the next, from one market to the next, from one state to the next.  Sad, sad, sad.  Its no wonder good people don’t run for office.

I continue to be amazed at the lack of service that one can get at equipment dealerships, fertilizer dealerships, chemical reps and so forth.  Get the money and don’t worry about the customer.  I am lucky in one respect, I have a good fertilizer/chem dealer who takes care of me, even if they are an hour away.  TC and the folks at Browns Feed and Chemical at Galatia have once again done a great job spreading P and K, as well as my lime.  Good job guys!

Learned yesterday that Miles Farm Supply/Opticrop has sold to CPS.  Really sorry to hear that.  I liked Miles and Opticrop and the jobs they did.  CPS doesn’t have a good track record down here.    Will have to wait and see what happens in the transition. 

Time to go, more later.

Well, we started with a Cowboys Theme……….So we’ll end this week with one.  My favorite “high noon” gun fight scene from any Western Movie……..Think I will look up some more for other videos…….

Spreading lime………..dusty as everything else

This is the wheat I planted on October 2nd.  I planted or tried to plant it two inches deep.  Those seeds that were two inches deep have come up, they were in the moisture.  Those just above the two inch depth, are still sitting in dry soil. 

Some are trying, like this one, but  they have a long row to hoe…………..  I hope the forecast for this weekend holds ture and we get some rain…….It will make a lot of us grumpy farmers not so grumpy.

I like taking pictures with my digital camera.  The problem is that my digital camera is so big in comparison to my cell phone that I don’t carry it all the time.  Then I end up taking a picture with my cell phone for the blog and it isn’t worth a darn for publishing.

I am not sure what to do, I have considered getting an even bigger camera, on that would use the lenses from my old 35mm film camera, but they are quite pricey.  If I had that, then I could use my current camera as my everyday camera and not worry if it got broke or dirty.

My first digital camera was one of the old Sony cameras that used the 3.5 inch disks.  I never tore it up using it in the field.  My next was a Cannon SureShot, again never had a problem with it either until one day it just wouldn’t work anymore.  Cost more to fix than replace so I got another SureShot.  It is 4 times the last SureShot and was almost the same price.  Kind of like cell phones and DVD players, getting better all the time and getting cheaper.

So maybe i Just shouldnt worry and use it until it dies………..Tired of missing great materail to post because of a bad cell phone camera.

Got done with bean harvest on Friday night and also got done with wheat planting on Friday.  Only thing left is to put everything away, spread fertilizer and lime, do some fall tillage and hope it rains soon.

Quick one today, got a lot to do……….

Had a few free minutes on Saturday morning, so I went out past West City to see the a Cowboy Shoot. For those who don’t know, Cowboy Shoots are where the participants get all decked out as cowboys and shoot their period-correct guns at steel targets. By period-correct, I mean single action revolvers, lever action rifles and double barrel and some pump shotguns. There is also a “Wild Bunch” category which includes firearms that were used at or during the period depicted in the film The Wild Bunch, most notably the .45 ACP (automatic Colt pistol).

I have been trying to make this shoot for a while, but always something gets in the way it seems. A few years ago, we would go up to Nason, Illinois to the old Nason mine and watch Cowboy Shoots when they were up there. Then we lost track of them when they moved or quit or whatever happened. I was never quite sure, but it doesn’t matter. We found them again about a year ago, but again scheduling gets in the way.

One sure thing about Cowboy Shoots is that the cowboys and cowgirls are very friendly and very safe. I like the fact that they have stations to check the loading and unloading of the guns as well as the fact that everyone walks around with an open breach to show the gun is unloaded. Plus, everyone is all decked out in  “Cowboy garb” of their character. Part of that character is their names. Dave Wilson’s cowboy name is Otto Nobetter. No one there knows Dave as Dave, just Otto…………

While over at Red Bud a few months ago I drove through the World Shooting Complex. It looks a lot different than when I was there as a soil sampler just prior to them building it; and saw their Cowboy shooting area. It looked very nice and well organized. The host site in West City has a very nice and similar setup with the buildings and shooting positions and, for me the most important thing, is that it is in the shade!

Glad I got to go. Glad I found them and hope to return again with the family to watch and to also maybe pop a few primers one of these days.

As we start Friday here is the score:

  • 40 acres of wheat left to plant
  • 30 acres of beans left to cut
  • 3 flat tires yesterday
  • 2 broke hoses on the drill
  • 1 broken toe that hurts like …………..

But……..that three tenths of an inch of rain made the wheat plant like a dream and kept the dust down until noon.

Think positive today.

Robert F Kennedy jr, the ultra left wing environmental lawyer, says that pig farmers are more of a threat to America than Osama Bin Laden.  Yep, JR says that farmers pose more of a threat to America than terrorist. 

Now that same moron says that people who are upset with the way the country is being run, who can identify with the TEA Party, are Radical Crackpots who pose a threat to America.

Let me get this straight, as a farmer and someone who doesn’t like direction our country is being taken by those in power and wants to see a change I am labeled a Radical Crackpot Threat to America.

Well then thats me, Radical Crackpot Farmer, A Double Threat.  And I am damn proud of it!

Mr RFK jr, you as a member of a dying political dynasty from Massachusetts, can you do us all a favor and do the Honorable Kennedy thing:  Go get drunk and drive off a bridge somewhere…………..

Just another friendly message for change from your neighborhood Radical Crackpot Farmer.

It is dry and dusty.  It did try to rain last night, but not hardly a tenth of an inch.  Got another 40 acres of beans cut leaving 30 and I got about 30 acres of wheat drilled leaving about 60 more to go.  Today and tomorrow are going to be long days.

Drilling yesterday was a challenge and would have been even worse without Auto Steer.  The WAAS works great on the drill.  It even works great on the 12 row corn planter, but is especially nice in the dust where you cant see a thing!

Back at it, after a few days off………..bean cutting and wheat planting are the agenda for the next few days.

But we need a RAIN most of all, way too dry and the ground is hard.  Plus, the dust is unbelievable.

Knob Creek Night Shoot Oct 2010  Another BLAST…….pun intended.

The crowd was down this fall, compared to last fall and this spring, and some of the shooters didn’t spend as much time on the trigger……..but still enjoyable.

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