Last night we tracked the storms that moved out of Missouri into Southern (yes I know southern is not capitalized, but with Chicago dominating the state, I have moved that anything south of I-70 is its own state and therefore Southern will be capitalized) Illinois there were a lot of reds and purples in the line, along with tornado warning after warning across southeast Missouri.  We were up most of the night playing storm spotter.

It got here about midnight.  It rained hard for a while.  Then some very small hail for a short time, like a minute or two.  Then lots and lots of lightening and thunder followed by just rain.  I went to sleep during the rain part thinking that we didn’t need a toad strangler, and hoping when I got up there would not be water standing around.

Well, after I averaged out all the gauges, we got 1.5 inches last night.  We got off lucky. I have friends who got 3.5 inches and have corn fields under water.  Still even this late in the day.  Not good.

The thing that was most noticeable this morning was that all my flowers were gone from the canola.  Rain must have stripped them off.  I assume that they were fertilized and ready to drop because the plants in the thin places where they are bushed out a lot still have their flowers on them. 

But we have loads of pods.  Lots of small pods that are growing by the day and getting bigger. 

So, things could have been much worse around here last night, and we still have two more days of bad weather to go according to NOAA.  But, if all I have is this kind of water, I have it made.  Yes, I will have to spot in the low spots most likely, but that is nothing. 

And don’t judge my planting here too hard. This was before I moved the EZ Steer over and was trying to talk on the phone, plant, and film for the video.  Which brings me to another topic… computers. 

I have deleted all my media software from my laptop and reinstalled some of them and things are working better.  However, I might have corrupted the files for the auto steer video I was going to make by trying to use them time and time again.

Don’t give up hope yet. I haven’t.  Time will tell the next few days……….

One Response to All my yellow is gone……but it could be worse.

  • Ed Winkle says:

    Hey, those look like my rows! Thanks for the boost! Looks like you were pretty much unscathed, hope we stay that way. That canola looks good.

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