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When I go camping I don’t spend a lot of time in the camper looking at TV.  But when I go in the camper and want to watch TV, I want to see a picture, especially if there is severe weather.

Well thanks to the Big Switch I cant even get the local stations with any regularity when out camping now at Rend Lake.  I can get Channel 3 and 8 most of the time, can get Channel 6 “when the wind blows right” and cant get Channel 12 at all.  So I am stuck with ABC and PBS for the most part.  Oh yea each has three channels of nothing playing, unlike 6 and 12 that have a weather channel at least where you can see a radar. 

So WSIL and WSIU are on my TV, WPSD is there sometimes and KFVS is AWOL.  But then again I am thankful for that to some extent, I get sick and tired of their “live, local and late breaking” news theme.  KFVS and their theme are more recorded, tired and redundant and not very local to anything I know of. 

The more I think about it, I am glad I cant get anymore than two channels on the TV.  There sure isn’t much to watch anyway…………….

After listening to the crap that the Left Wing anti American politicians, press, professors and scumbags that inhabit this great land have spewed the last few days, I could only think of one video to post for this Memorial Day Weekend Sunday Video.

OK, had another one just for “them”, but it isnt really family friendly.  Maybe later………….

Anyway, I remove my hat and say a heart felt thank you to the troops who have served and a prayer for the families of those who fell in defense of this great country.

Missed yesterday, just to busy.  Today is about the same way, just long enough to say I will get things posted up here soon……….to many irons in the fire.

Got done planting my full season beans yesterday.  Ed Winkle would be proud of me, I no tilled most of them and stale seed bedded the rest.  It was a little rough but planted well and they should be up quick with the warm temps and moisture.

Ag Fact:  Soybeans came to the US in 1804 as ballast in a ship returning from China.  100 years later Geroge Washington Carver developed 300 products from soybeans and peanuts, but not peanut butter.  (from Fainting Goats and Malted Milk)

All thats left is spraying, cutting the canola and wheat and double cropping beans afterwards.

But now to get ready to do that…………….

  • Get grain truck fixed and inspected
  • Install new chopper in combine
  • Get the seed wagon ready
  • Get the auger wagons ready
  • Get the auger ready
  • Make arrangements to get the canola hauled
  • Wait for the bean market to go up so I can sell the canola

That’s enough to make me tired again…………

Yesterday I was walking some corn fields when at about 9:30 I heard what I thought was thunder.  But not a cloud in the sky.  About an hour later I saw this formation begin to build very slowly.

By 1:00 pm it was starting to tower pretty good and put on that “anvil” top.  Still could hear rumbling thunder off in the distance.

Then about 4:00 pm it started to rain.  And rain it did in some places.  Anywhere from a trace here on the outside edge of the storm to radar estimates of 3 inches. 

We drove up to Whittington last night and the water was standing in the road ditches and fields.  Radar estimate there as one inch.  Have yet to get an “official” farmer report on that though.

While on the topic of food from yesterday………

Leave it to the military to come up with a specification for brownies and cookies.  Yep I kid you not:   MIL-C-44072C (W/ CHANGE 1), MILITARY SPECIFICATION: COOKIES, OATMEAL; AND BROWNIES; COCOLATE COVERED (12 FEB 2003)., This specification covers chocolate covered oatmeal cookies and chocolate covered brownies inflexible bags for use by the Department of Defense as a component of operational rations.

If you want to read the whole thing, you can down load it here:  EverySpec  I am not sure why you would want to download it unless you like reading military manuals written in quasi legal and clinical talk. 

Kind of takes the fun right out of a good old fashioned brownie doesn’t it…………….


One of the best parts of camping is cooking out over a fire or Coleman Stove. Here is an easy one pot meal that everyone likes. Its called the Mountain Man Breakfast and it feeds four hungry campers or six not so hungry campers!

This works great over a fire in a Dutch Oven. It also works great over a Coleman Stove. But you have to have the Dutch Oven……..

Cut a pound of bacon up into bite sized strips and then cook.

Cut up a few good sized potatoes and have them ready to put in the Dutch Oven.

When the bacon is almost done, remove it and dump in the potatoes. Cook until brown.

Scramble two eggs per person and have them ready.

When the potatoes are done, dump the bacon back in a stir to mix everything up good. Then pour in the eggs and let them cook. Flip the whole mess a couple of times to make sure that the eggs are done and then serve by slicing like a pie.

Just before the eggs are done, top with cheese and cover for a minute to let melt. 

There is never any left……………

This is a rather long video, but shows the extent that our military is going to train our troops for operations in the Middle East.  Glad I found this and got to see it.  I think the men and the video speak for themselves.

.75 inches of rain the last 36 hours.  Not near the 2 inches they were yelling about but really nice for us.  Some got much more and some got a little less but there is some severe weather potential this afternoon as the front passes through.

It has been a while sense I mentioned wheat so I took a picture of the wheat to show that I still have it and that it is in the process of filling the kernels.  While final yield is a way off, I must say that even with the drown out spots this is the best looking wheat crop I have had in a long time.  The stand is uniform in height, color and head size.  The bonus is that I have no lodging at this point, subject to change with a big wind………..

(Written with lots of negative feelings and sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell)

Well I see that ole “1.2 will do” has published the U of I Extension map of units to be consolidated.  There is a story here at Farm Week.  Read it if you can.  It took me a while to figure out how they could put such a positive spin on this. 

What a waste of time and effort by many committees and units to come up with better solutions than what is on this map.  I pretty much felt like we were wasting our time, knowing that the deal was already done and this was there way of throwing us a token “bone” to make us feel better.

Notice that Cook Co once again doesnt have to participate in anything else the rest of the state has to.  One more reason not so spend any money with businesses that make that county their home.

Good to see that Rand Paul won in Kentucky.  Wish we had him or Dale Peterson running for something in Illinois.  I would vote for them!!!!

After a week of hit and miss rain and showers when every weather guesser had us in for a monsoon, farmers finally went back to the field today.  Now, the radar is painted green, yellow and red coming in from Missouri.

The way some of the ground has been worked a big rain is not needed.  It will plaster those soybeans in.

And those fields that have yet to dry out don’t need a toad strangler either.  They need sun and wind and warm weather so they can be replanted. 

After the fast start and seemingly early finish to the planting season, we could be in store for a repeat of the late planting of last year. 

And that long hot dry summer we haven’t had in a few years seems to be looming out there.  But then again I am a pessimistic…………….

Copy of email I sent out this am.


Kind of a reminder, 

I am more than happy to look at fields and help with decisions on replanting etc. BUT you need to be talking to your crop insurance agent before you make any decision.  You crop insurance policy may be the determining factor on what you end up doing based on coverage.  What might be an agronomic no brainer to me and you might not be the best economic decision based on your policy. 

Also, like the fields that were looked at yesterday, it is possible that it will be next week before they could be replanted, and with additional rains, it might be June before they get replanted.  (Things can change fast this time of year, they could get planted this weekend if the sun shines and the wind blows.) You need to know what your options are from an insurance standpoint before you do anything at that point.  Talk to your agent.  

PLEASE don’t rely on coffee shop talk on what your insurance will do or not do.  The coffee shop talk cost several farmers a lot of money last year.  Don’t get bad advice from the wrong “experts”, talk to your agent and get the straight on what your coverage and options are.  

Again, if you need help I am more than happy to assist, and I am not being a smart @$$, but the first thing I am going to ask is “have you talked to your agent and what did your agent say?”.  

I hope we get some sun and warm weather to turn the looks of this crop around soon……… 

Thanks and be safe out there!

(file photo)

We spent the weekend tearing down an old barn on the farm. I was surprised how fast the work went for the most part. Needless to say that we were all tired and sore afterwards. Lots of nails to pull, barn tin to pull and old rough cut lumber to save.

But between the Cat and the backhoe, it was short work getting it down and cleaned up. Now just to take the concrete up and use it to make a dry water crossing from one field to another.


Dean Martin and Jonathan Winters………..Funny stuff!

Current Farm Weather


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