Yesterday when I was soil sampling I came across two fields of soybean stubble that were heaved.  I don’t mean just pushed a bit out of the soil, but pushed out of the soil several inches.  In some cases six inches of root was exposed.

At first I thought that the field had been cut high.  The farm I was on is operated by a couple of gentlemen who run their grain platform pretty close to the ground.  Matter of fact, they just about scalp the ground when they cut beans.  For some reason, the bean stubble in these two fields were heaved an incredible amount. 

I only had my cell phone to take pictures with but you can see that the roots are pushed up and out of the soil pretty good.  You can even see the nodule cases on some of the roots! 

The funny thing is that none of their other bean fields were heaved.  Not a one.  Which made me wonder if this was a particular variety or if it was a planting date issue or even maybe a harvest date issue.  I didn’t get a chance to ask but I will when I follow up in a few weeks. 

It was a interesting observation to say the least yesterday.  Wonder what I will find today!

3 Responses to Soybean Stubble Heaving

  • chris drone says:

    that is quite interesting….i saw a field that was “heaved” today also..on my tour of schools…

  • Dave Rahe says:

    Saw the same last week.


  • Been meaning to post a comment for some time but finally had the chance. I’ve seen several fields that had the severe bean stubble heaving like your photos. From what I can tell thus far it was not attributed to any one variety but was simply due to to ur soils being close to saturation when we went into the deep freeze. With all of that water in the soil it had no where to expand but up, taking the soybean stubble with it. I saw some areas where it was frozen 13″ deep. One of the best things that could have happened after a late, wet harvest. I even saw areas where the soils had heaved to the extent that it looked like a light disking.

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