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I remember President Reagan awarding the man his CMH.  I didn’t know his name at the time or his story, but remember seeing a piece on it back in late 1980’s on PBS or something like that.

What is this?  No Snow!  No Rain!  No Clouds!

The sun is OUT! 

There is still frost on the wheat, but THE SUN IS OUT!


This belonged to my Great-Grandpa Evan Neal, presumably from when he was in the Army in 1918.  I scanned it front and back and then merged them together.  There is no date on the Military Script, so I can only assume its age based on when he was in the Army in World War I. 

My Grandma Betty, Evans daughter, gave this to me yesterday along with some other stuff, including his diary from when he was in the war.  I am hoping to scan it in the next day or so to preserve it.  It is very fragile.  Then I will transcribe it into a text file for easier reading.

Here is a picture of Grandpa Neal from April 30, 1918 at Camp Zachary Taylor in Louisville, KY.  He is the fourth one standing from the right.  I have this picture framed in my office above my desk.  It is a beautiful picture, the old sepia colors, about 30 inches long and 8 inches tall. 

Once I get some of the diary scanned and transcribed, I will post it as well.

Well I first tried to make the part I needed on the lathe.  I had some success, but the prongs were just a bit off.  So much for the hour I took doing that.  I think I could do it again and get it right now that I know how close the prongs have to be made to work.

I then made my way to a local establishment where I thought they might have something that would work.  And guess what? They did. It is a bit longer than what I was looking at online, but I can make that work.

Here is the funny part though, the part was $7.95 and with tax it was just a bit over $8.40.  I didnt miss my online part plus the “small parts handling fee” by much! 

But I did save $6 shipping!

Well, when I got home today I let the dogs loose to have a little run around the place.  The usual is a couple of full blast laps around the house and garage followed by a quick stop to smell the butt of each cat.  Then to the chicken house to see that it is open.  Followed by chasing any chicken that will run. 

I have yet to understand why they don’t “chase” the chickens that don’t run, I mean that would be a whole lot easier to catch wouldn’t it? 

Anyway this evening things were a bit different.  On the first lap around the house they stopped in the garden and began sniffing around.  They sniffed around for a long time and I had to go see what they were up to.  Well I was surprised somewhat to find deer tracks in the garden.  I was more surprised to find this rub on our small peach tree.

That tree is less than 25 yards from the house, and less than 30 yards from our watch dog, Annie. 

Maybe I should start deer hunting from my recliner?

Spent some time importing all my posts from my Blogger blog over to this one.  I have decided to discontinue the Blogger blog and concentrate on this one.  So I have been spending my free time cleaning up some of the old posts.

I didn’t realize how negative I was back in the good old days.  Not much information passed but a lot of negative opinion.  Wow! I have mellowed out a lot. 

So if things seem to be a mess for the next few days here, its just me doing some house cleaning and things will be back to normal soon. 

Or as normal as I am…………

Let me say first off that I love being able to come in from the shop or field, sit at my computer and search for the part or what ever I need to fix what ever I am working on. I love it, I can’t help it. I like E Commerce.

It is so nice to search, find, compare and order without ever having to leave and drive miles to find out they don’t have it or can’t get it or what ever. It is nice to see the UPS truck pull in and drop off a box and you can go to work.

However this is only good on parts and pieces you use often and you know are the right parts or pieces you need. It is not very good when you need the expertise of the parts man to help you figure out what part will substitute for that 14 year old part that broke that they no longer make.

Or in this case, it is a real pain in the butt as well. You see I need this part. Only problem is that this part is not the right part. The part I need has four evenly spaced prongs on the top, not five. Four will work, five doesn’t. Before you think anything, I can’t just file off one prong, because the four must be evenly spaced. And more importantly, I need this part for another project where it was made to work originally.

So off to the internet, where I found the part in question for a whole $5.35, a whole two dollars cheaper than the five pronged one. Great! Just what I needed and cheap. However (and there is always a however in life) if this is the only things I order there is a “small parts handling fee” of $3.00. Plus shipping for $6.00.

So my $5.35 part cost me $14.35 when it shows up at the door. I can order something else to go with it and get rid of the $3 “small parts fee”, but I cant find anything big enough that is about $3 to get rid of the “small parts fee”.

So my small part cost me three times its value if I order it. It cost me four times as much if I drive to pick it up.

Or I get to wait until I need something else and then order or drive to get it, and average the cost out to get it below the 3X factor we are at now.

I am guessing they also have a “large parts handling fee”………….

Congratulations Aggies

Yellow Tail Wine has backed up on their support of HSUS. I guess they got the message that we won’t support anyone who supports a terrorist organization.


I got a feeling this is the way the cellular phone companies do business……….

Got a call early this morning that our brother in law Mark had been hit by a drunk driver on his way home from work early this morning. 
He was taken to the local hospital and then flown to Barnes in St Louis.  He has a broken neck. 

UPDATE  Mark has a broken neck but no paralysis, the Dr’s have put him in a halo and hope that that will work without any surgery.  He will have to be in the halo for 8-12 weeks.  More when I know something.

UPDATE #2  Mark came home today, he is in the halo and will be for some time. 

Please keep his wife and son as well as Mark in your prayers for the next few days.

Got my mug plastered in the pages of Farm Futures again.  You can see the online version here

I didn’t realize how old I was looking until I saw that picture that Mike took of me at the Farm Futures Management Summit.  I really cant say enough good things about Farm Futures.  It is an awesome publication in my opinion, even when my face isn’t in there!  It is so much better then some of the other junk that gets passed off as Ag media that it isn’t funny.

Another pearl of wisdom from Fainting Goats and Malted Milk.

On Manhattan Island, rampaging herds of pigs became so troublesome that a wall was constructed along the northern edge of the colony.  This are is no know as Wall Street.

50% of the Robertson family is confined to room with the porcelain amenities.  Neither one of them is a very happy camper.

Concerned of when the other 50% of us will get it………………..after the last 24 hrs I hope I don’t get what they got!!!!

The affliction has returned to the Robertson household.

It is not pleasant around here right now.

Fainting Goats and Malted Milkis a book by Janice Tribbett that I picked up some years ago at the Belleville Field Day, an agronomy day hosted by SIU out the back door of Scott AFB.  Why she was there selling her book escapes me now, but I found it interesting and got a copy.  The book is a collection of agriculture and farming facts. 

Anyway this book has been floating around my house and office sense then and tonight I was pondering a post for the blog when I saw it laying there. So I thought from time to time, when I have little time or nothing big to post, I would grab a factoid out of there and hang it up.

So for tonight’s fact from Fainting Goats and Malted Milk:

“The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds. The Wright Brothers first flight was 12 seconds.”

Current Farm Weather


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