It’s going to be one of those weeks it seems where the list of things that need to be done is going to far exceed the things that get done. 

It’s getting cold again and snow is in the forecast.  So, outside work is now down to nothing, again.  Not that it got a good start, because of the mud.

The two biggest things besides finishing up some soil sample reports, are getting ready for the crop insurance meeting on Wednesday where I am going to present some record keeping information, and getting the new record keeping program up and running  here on my computer. 

Winterfest is this Saturday in Collinsville.  I would like to go, but unless I go with someone else, I don’t see making the trip by myself for no more than what I would be looking for.

Plus, on Saturday, Group 1, Illinois Wing Civil Air Patrol, is having their Dining In.  I guess I will go and make an appearance, shake a few hands, and watch the festivities. 

Side note:  Isn’t it funny that you buy the latest release of a program, install it, and then the first thing it wants to do is look for updates?  It takes twice as long to get a program installed as it used to. The last couple of programs I have installed took longer to update than it did to install the the initial program. 

Did I mention that it is getting cold again…………

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