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Been busy here today. End of year stuff to finalize plus finishing up the office make over, getting set up to do a web page and helping install a radio in KC9RLM’s truck.

And tonight starts the new season of shows for Wednesday Night at the Range on Outdoor Channel.

Time to pour a cold soda, pop some corn and settle in for new shows………….

Well just got notice that I might have jury duty. Great.

Not that I don’t want to do it, but it is that time of year for CCA meetings and I NEED the credits because I didn’t get to go last year. AND I have spent the money to sign up and reserve meals/rooms etc at most of them.

My luck I will get the OJ trial that will go on for years………………

Finished the What Would Google Do? Book last night and my head is buzzing with ideas, thoughts and what ifs and why nots. I recommend the book highly, Five Stars! It really brought home that we live in a totally different world due to the Internet and the online community’s that are build around it. Again, things are still sinking in……………

Also started another book called Emergency! This book could save your life. So far it is interesting from a totally different stand point. It is not your typical survival or disaster preparation handbook type read, but one mans journey into “survialism”. I will give you a follow up when I get it done…………..

Well it has been a while so here is a picture of the freeze dried canola. It has to be one tough crop as every time the sun comes out it greens right back up and then lays back down when the temps get down in the 20’s.

All I can say is grow baby grow!!!!

Got on Facebook…………………we shall see how it goes.

Now if I just have any friends!!!

David Rahe who follows this blog has a blog of his own at called Observations in Agriculture. I don’t know why but I had never put a link up on my site to his and wanted to correct that today.

So go by and give David a visit and say hello! Sorry Dave it took so long for me to see the error and correct it!

Also added a link to Randy Darr’s website, Soil-Right Consulting.  Randy is a crop consultant up near Shipman, IL.  So again go by and give Soil-Right a visit.


Found this funny………..if not true.

It is 20 some odd degrees outside and I have had all the Christmas food I can stand.

So it was outside to the grill to cook up a big round steak!!! Just me, the cats, Annie (our dog) and the cold. Man did it sure smell good!!

The view down my driveway this morning. Rain gauge shows 3.3 inches, not sure if that is right but the yard sure gives testament to at least that much.

And I am making my Christmas Blog Wish List for 2010. You know kind of one of those Top 10 list of things that I want to see happen in 2010. That seems to be the trend and why not latch on to it for some easy blogging!

So here we go the Robertson Top 10 Wish List for 2010:

#10. To never see or hear about Tiger Woods on the TV, Radio or Internet. He is just another typical pro athlete who is no role model for anyone.

#9a. For Barrack Hessian Obama to stop apologizing for America when he speaks oversees; Our success and failures, real or made up. He comes off as such a used car salesman when he does that.

#9b. For BHO to stop bowing down to world leaders when he meet them. It makes you look even more dump than #9.

#8. For Chicago to slide off into Lake Michigan or be sold to Wisconsin for a city to be named later.

#7. For farmers to quit complaining about having a good year. Come on guys, enjoy it. You had good yields and good prices and yes it took you all a while to get done but if farming was easy then the Democrat Party would be farming. (yea going after my peers…….I guess I will never learn!)

#6. To see the phenomenal growth in gun sales continue. Just so long as they start making more ammo!

#5. That Amateur Radio and ARES in particular would find its way back into Emergency Communications in the State and be of service to the people when there is a time of need.

#4. That in some miracle of miracles, the State of Illinois and its leaders could get past the stupidity that is prevalent in the State Houses and get this state back on track instead of stuck in the mud with all the political infighting.

#3. That Civil Air Patrol would have a big house cleaning at the top and get some leadership in those positions that has an ounce of common sense to lead us back to the golden days of when being in CAP meant something and you took pride and valued your membership there.

#2. That we would win the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan decisively and that all our troops would be home by next Christmas.

#1. That Illinois would pass Concealed Carry so that its citizens can protect themselves.

As I look back over this list I realize that I really want a lot from Santa. And out of ten items on my Christmas list, I only stand to get #7 and maybe #5. Be nice to see #2 and #1. The rest are only a dream.


There seems to be quite a buzz about the 100 or so GITMO detainees that will be held in the Thompson Correctional Center in Northwest Illinois lately. For the record (man I have always wanted to say that in a post) I am neither for or against it. I could care less. Yes, really I could care less.

First of all they are detainees, not prisoners. I mean they may be prisoners of war (POW) or prisoners of The War Against Terrorism (TWAT) or just some happy go lucky goat herder in the wrong place when the CIA or whom ever raided their mud hut and they became a “person of interest”, “suspect” or couldn’t give out the right code word response for “What is the capitol of Texas” (remember all those old WWII war movies where the answer was “Huston” because the Germans apparently couldn’t say Huston?) or for what ever reason. Again I don’t care. We got them for some reason, real or imagined and hauled their butts to the Caribbean for a vacation on the tip of Cuba.

And if you believe the media and your government, you have nothing to fear from a detainee. After all, they are not a prisoner…………….yea it might take you a while to let that one sink in.

The point is that if our Grand Dictator, I mean or Beloved President BHO said that he would close down GITMO to the applause of the thundering herd of people who voted for him. The same band of narrow minded and short term thinkers who are now saying NOT IN MY BACKYARD.

If he closed it down folks, they got to so somewhere……….. Yea it might take some of you a while to let that one sink in also.

So Thompson makes all the sense in the world to me. Really it does. Again think about it and it will all make sense.

(press pause at this point to allow for time for deep thought and reflection)

Ok ready to draw the map and follow the money?

1. Thompson is in Illinois.
2. Obama was the Senator from Illinois. (northern)
3. Blago is gone, Quinn is in as Governor.
4. Thompson is in the middle of no where in Illinois. (point of order here: it is in the middle of no where in Illinois if you are from Northern Illinois where in your minds Illinois ends at I-80)
5. Durbin (Dick) is from Illinois and was Obamas “mentor”.
6 . Obama was all about change and creating jobs.
7. Obama, Dick, Quinn, Blago, Burris and Thompson are all from Chicago……….or Northern Illinois (North of I-80)
8. In case you missed it, there is a Northern Illinois connection here……………….

Like I said, follow the money………………Yes I am a curmudgeon and a cynic.

But the 3000 jobs to be created are all construction jobs, not long term, the prison jobs will all be federal jobs, people already in the system coming to an area to work, not locals and there will only be 100 prisoners, I mean detainees, in the facility once it comes on line. And the most important thing of all is that it makes Dick, Pat, Hussein and the other trolls look like they did something.

Symbolism over substance. Again.

Besides we couldn’t have it down here in southern Illinois. To many rednecks driving around at night trying to spot light and poach a terrorist…………….


Sorry, no time to really surf or no emails with any good videos this week. Been kind of tied up with other things. Anyway thought I would drag out my old favorite Christmas cartoon from a few years ago. Scary thing is that this is more true today then when I first got it several years ago.


One hour of the eight hours of the Illinois CCA Conference today in Springfield yielded some interesting facts.

The one that stuck in my mind all day was this one:

At 4:30 PM, 70% of Americans have no idea what they are going to eat for dinner.

A few quick other facts were:

Food comes from grocery stores.

The American public doesn’t care if your farm is in business as long as there is food in the grocery store.

And that lettuce sales have gone through the roof. It wasn’t education of the consumer that drove this it was packaging…………

Spent the day at the hospital waiting on test with dad. To pass the time I began reading a book that I had on my wish list.
What Would Google Do? is a book that I learned about back in the summer and never got around to ordering until last week. It is a look at how Google has changed the business paradigm so to speak and made free access to information a money making business. Yes I said free and money in the same sentence.
I cant do the book justice in a review so to speak, I only got about half way through it today but what I read began to explain a lot of things. First it explained how the world has gotten a lot smaller and how smaller business can adapt and thrive in an Internet world. Ownership of atoms (as in buildings and inventory) are not necessary to succeed as they once were. The book points out that outside of Wal Mart, brick and mortar businesses are really not being that successful.
Businesses that utilize information to better themselves and understand the community they serve are far better positioned to survive and make a return than those that don’t. That community thing is a hard one for me to grasp right now. The book points out that the community already exist, you just have to find it and then contribute to it.
It also shines a new light on marketing of ones self and business. The old rules of “the masses” is gone and replaced by the community and the individual.
Like I said, I am not doing the book justice and I need to reread it again to get it all………..once I finish it.
But it does explain a lot to me for the Agriculture world in which I work and live. First as we see the companies that provide inputs and services shrink, they also are not providing openness and and giving a sense of trust. That will hurt them in the end. It also shows that the cooperative system that our grandparents used is dead, and the coops don’t know it. They are no longer the keepers of the secrets and afford power in numbers. The secrets are out there on the Internet and so is comparison shopping.
Lastly it also shows that in a matter of seconds, your customer can know as much or more about your product or service than you do. And that is good, not bad like a lot of retail salespeople have been taught.
Openess and access to information is the key to success in the internet age. Owing a bunch of atoms is not.
A full report when I finish.

Well what a combination, huh?

Today as I went to the middle school or elementary school or the attendance center or what ever they call a school today to pick up my kids I had two things on my mind and got a third. All three related mind you.

There seems to be another political grab on tax paying citizens about to happen. Seems the government thinks they can control the land and resources better than private land owners can. In what looks to be a land grab and another populous control measure, Congress is working out legislation that will basically allow them to take away your private property and give it to another person or entity without compensating you. Read the whole deal here on Fox if you want. Needless to say this sounds more and more like the Health Insurance, Gun Rights and a whole list of things that your elected officials (you know the bunch, morally bankrupt and financially inept) think they know more about than you do.

Well what does this have to do with Global Warming and School Parking. A lot. You see the same half whits that are working this legislation out are the same ones that plan school parking lots. OK, not the exact same ones, but the same ones on a more local scale, they are still half whit politicians.

Follow me if you will for a minute.

Lets build a school or attendance center or what ever in a very inconvenient location to get into and out of due to a lack of good infrastructure. And while were at it, lets forget that we have a school full of kids that either ride the bus (less than 20% based on the GIS planning I have done for bus routes for similar school districts), walk home (less than 10%, kids don’t walk or ride bikes anymore) or have someone come and pick them up in a car or mini van (80%).

So to save money, since none of the kids drive to school yet, we don’t need any parking except for faculty. We don’t even need a road to accommodate more than the 30-50 cars that the staff will drive on any given day. And since we don’t have any problems with parking or roads, lets let grades K through 6 out at the same time.

OK so your griping about a lack of parking spaces and roads at the school when you went to pick up your kids. What does this have to do with Property Rights and Global Warming.

Well as I sat there and watched all those cars run, burning fossil fuels a major contributor to green house gasses and global warming, or so our government tells us, it made me realize that the same people who cant design a school parking lot, who cant take into consideration traffic flow, pedestrian flow or staggered dismissal times for different grades, these people whom we elect are the same bunch of dough heads that think they can stop Global Warming, run Health Insurance better, take care of the poor by redistributing wealth and now think they can use my private property better and more wisely than I can.

If elected officials, even a school board, cant plan a parking lot or traffic flow, what makes you think that Sparky the Congressman can run Health Insurance, Global Warming or Property Rights anything any better?

Man, our country is really screwed up……………..All who enter here abandon hope!!!


Pay close attention………This is no joke or illusion!

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