Say what? Yep that’s right, US Navy SEALs, three to be exact are going to be court-martialed for punching an Iraqi who was one of the most wanted terrorists in connection with death of 4 Blackwater contractors in Iraq in 2004.

The four contractors were burned and hanged from a bridge in Fallajuh. Pictures were broadcast around the world and the mastermind of the incident, oh who really cares about his name, became one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq.

So let me get this straight: We spend lots of money to find, train and develop the best special operations fighting soldiers in the world, send them off on special, secret, classified missions that no one knows about, behind enemy lines to capture, kill or destroy targets that are a threat to America, Americans or American security. And we teach them to use weapons, explosives and things that most people don’t even know exist to get the job done. We teach them to win, to accomplish the mission and protect us. Is this all correct?

And now some do-gooder is worried about prisoner abuse has their panties in a big bunch and wants to court-martial three SEALs because some terrorist got a bloody nose while being captured? GET &^%$#%*& REAL PEOPLE!!! HE WAS A TERRORIST! ONE OF THE BAD GUYS, YOU KNOW THE PEOPLE WERE FIGHTING? PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOU SPHINCTER AND BREATH SOME OXYGEN!

Note to SEALs: Next time you capture a most wanted terrorist, shoot the SOB in the head, dump him in the ditch and tell them you couldn’t find him.

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