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Photo courtesy of Larry Cooper who is the Opticrop scout that is looking over the canola crop here at our farm.

It just keeps growing and growing, and looking better every day. The replant is growing pretty well, but I have two fields that for some reason don’t want to grow like the rest of it.

We shall see what happens………………….

Something lite for this Sunday………..

“Stupid is as stupid does.” Or something like that from the mouth of Forest Gump.

Seems like we now frisk, strip search and detain little kids and grandmas at airports all in the name of safety. We are forced to give up our rights to board a plane, buy certain items and possess certain implements that our elected officials and DHS deems to be a hazard to the safety of the nation.

Yet the Secret Service lets party crashers into the White House and they (the Secret Service) are “embarrassed”. The White House has asked for a full review of security matters at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But the Secret Service said the President was never in any “danger”. How would they know? They didn’t even know the party had been crashed………..

You are not near as safe as your government wants you to think you are. And neither is the President it appears.

More symbolism over substance from the government.

Don Imus has followed a trend that a lot of radio and TV political talk show host have adopted, a pledge that they want the elected officials to follow. Anyway I have seen some of the pledges that they want the those that would govern sign and most of them are, well pretty stupid. To think that anyone would follow what some of these people want, well forget it.

But Imus has come up with a pledge that most of our elected officials on the national, state and local level can adhere to………………

The Imus in the Morning Pledge

Here at Imus in the Morning, we take our politicians’ shortcomings very seriously. As such, we’ve come up with a list of ideals they should embody, or at least try to live down to. You know, like these freakshows pictured at left, who continually, and much to our delight, give new meaning to the word “lowlife.”

1. EMBRACE YOUR INNER WEASEL — Exploit family members’ terminal illnesses for their PR potential; make emphatic public outcries against immorality while simultaneously carrying on an illicit, extra—marital, sexual relationship with a co—worker, intern, congressional page or circus sideshow performer.

2. BEHAVE IN A MANNER BEFITTING YOUR POSITION — Do things that would insure your name will be in a headline story, above the fold, next to one or more of the following words: “Corruption”, “Paternity Suit”, “Transvestite Dominatrix”, or “Turnpike Rest Stop”

3. MISQUOTE THE CONSTITUTION, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND THE BIBLE — Promise to display your lack of a working knowledge or fundamental understanding of any or all of the aforementioned documents. Forget the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, The National Anthem, and the Bill of Rights so that even a fifth grader will roll his eyes and say, ‘Jesus, what an effing moron.’

4. BE ADAMANT ABOUT YOUR RECOLLECTION OF HISTORY — Swear until your dying day that you invented the internet, there really was gunfire on the tarmac that afternoon, and you never actually PAID for the membership to the Ku Klux Klan.

5. BE CAUGHT DOING SOMETHING EMBARRASSING THAT CAN BE CAPTURED ON EITHER A VIDEO OR STILL CAMERA — Dance at a State Dinner as though you were having an epileptic fit, sing as though you were a cat being fed through a food processor, or water ski in a painfully small Speedo that highlights your Ernest Borgnine-physique and Johnny Winter-like complexion.



8. STRIVE TO DO SOMETHING STUPID AT LEAST ONCE EVERY NEWS CYCLE — Take a nap at a cabinet meeting, trip on a red carpet, throw up on a foreign leader, or fall off the podium at a campaign stop like a drunk tightrope walker.

9. MAINTAIN AN IMAGE OF BEING A HUMBLE, DOWN HOME, ‘MAIN STREET AMERICAN’ — Be photographed sitting on a hay bale and eating a hot dog before being ushered back to the limo with a four dollar latte.

10. BE FAT, HOMOSEXUAL, POSSESS A HIDEOUS BIRTHMARK OR FACIAL MOLE, AND/OR BE THE RECIPIENT OF BAD PLASTIC SURGERY OR REALLY CHEESY TOUPEE — We have to fill four hours of programming, five days a week. We can’t do it alone.

Say what? Yep that’s right, US Navy SEALs, three to be exact are going to be court-martialed for punching an Iraqi who was one of the most wanted terrorists in connection with death of 4 Blackwater contractors in Iraq in 2004.

The four contractors were burned and hanged from a bridge in Fallajuh. Pictures were broadcast around the world and the mastermind of the incident, oh who really cares about his name, became one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq.

So let me get this straight: We spend lots of money to find, train and develop the best special operations fighting soldiers in the world, send them off on special, secret, classified missions that no one knows about, behind enemy lines to capture, kill or destroy targets that are a threat to America, Americans or American security. And we teach them to use weapons, explosives and things that most people don’t even know exist to get the job done. We teach them to win, to accomplish the mission and protect us. Is this all correct?

And now some do-gooder is worried about prisoner abuse has their panties in a big bunch and wants to court-martial three SEALs because some terrorist got a bloody nose while being captured? GET &^%$#%*& REAL PEOPLE!!! HE WAS A TERRORIST! ONE OF THE BAD GUYS, YOU KNOW THE PEOPLE WERE FIGHTING? PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOU SPHINCTER AND BREATH SOME OXYGEN!

Note to SEALs: Next time you capture a most wanted terrorist, shoot the SOB in the head, dump him in the ditch and tell them you couldn’t find him.

Well it will be a short week this week. Monday through Wednesday and then Turkey Day, Hamfest at Evansville and the weekend.

I am still amazed at the amount of corn still out in the field but farmers are still hot and heavy after it. And there is still a few acres of beans out in the field as well.

Sampling has gone well as I just have a couple of clients to finish up yet but other than that, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The lack of fall tillage helps things go fast each day.

It has been slow on the usual announcement of fall farmer forums, or feed and buy seed, chemicals and fertilizer. But I suspect that things will kick in high gear shortly.

And lastly I hope to have a canola update this week as well.


For all of those that went this weekend and missed. At least you didn’t have it on video………..

Random thoughts for today……….

I got a doe on opening day of deer season. First deer in three or four years. It was quiet and enjoyable.

From my hunting trip a few observations:

It is going to be one heck of a cold winter. I saw several fox squirrels that were so bushy, unlike in years past. And the doe had a lot of fat in her as well as a dark coat. All signs of a cold winter, or so I was told.

It is incredible how quiet the woods can be and how loud it can also be when the blue jays call out a warning that something isn’t right in the neighborhood.

It is also how funny squirrels are when they play and fight for food to take to their nest.

It is also amazing how far the human voice carries. I could hear some kids playing and they had to be over a mile away. Sometimes their voices were as clear as a bell.

Note to self: You already knew all of the above “it”s, it has just been so long sense you relaxed in the woods you didn’t remember to listen and look.

I need to wear my glasses more. Or at least that what it seems like. I hate that.

Sitting still, alone and quiet in the woods makes me realize how stupid a lot of the people in this world are. I came to the conclusion that most of them are in CAP, in command positions and that most of them have no life outside of CAP.

I cant wait to use a new word I learned last night: Preparanoia. Meaning to try to prepare for every possible disaster or every emergency in the world with gadgets. I got a feeling that describes most of the stupid people in the above paragraph. Cant wait to lay that one on them.

And last but not least is that the building and experimenting of ham radio is what I decided today what I like the most about the hobby. I got my EchoLink working on my laptop, ready to get my Signalink working and ready to build an antenna setup for the camper. Evansville Hamfest is coming up and I cant wait to go snoop around and see what others are doing and what there might be to learn. Not that I might use it nor need it or even think it is useful and maybe even foolish but that it makes me think.

That is it for today.


Shotgun deer season starts tomorrow. While I am still an avid hunter I find that the fun is in the hunt for what ever not just a big buck. So much so that for the last three years I haven’t killed a deer. Just getting out and sitting in the quiet with no cell phone or other people around and watching nature is relaxing and enjoyable. Watching the deer is also enjoyable, even when they don’t come within shooting range.

Which is one thing that bothers me, with all the emphasis on big racks by the TV shows and hunting celebrities and the money that outfitters now get for putting you on a big buck, they are taking the fun out of hunting. I mean all the land is leased up, there is no place to hunt and outfitters are even putting their clients on public land.

Lets face it, its not like there isn’t any deer, heck you cant swing a dead cat without hitting a deer in this area. Without any trouble on any single day you can count over 100 deer just driving around the country side. Turkey is just about as bad anymore. It is really no trouble a all to kill a deer if you want one real bad.

I really think that one should have to kill a doe first before they can get a buck tag. That would take down our deer population and slow down some of these rack hunters and outfitters from trying to tie up all the hunting lands.

But dollars out gun common sense every day. Exhibit A: The Government.

Hope I don’t see you in my woods tomorrow. And if I do, your lost and don’t know it!


Last night at the SILWA meeting there was a long discussion on vertical antennas and then we got off on push up poles, mast kits and portable towers for GO KITS for a short while.

KC9OLI and W9GAR were talking about using the trailer hitch or recessed hitch to hold up their mast when operating from the field. This is a great idea but I always thought that the down side of this was that if you needed to move the vehicle and wanted to leave your field portable station where it was you had to tear down the mast. Don’t get me wrong, I think the hitch idea is far superior to the RORO (roll on roll off) mount that a lot of hams use.

Anyway it got me to thinking last night about my setup for portable mast kits and I got back in the archives to find these pictures from 2007 when I manufactured some tripod mounts from some EMT Conduit that I got at HomeDepot. I copied a mount that I purchased that was made of aluminum. The tripod I purchased cost me about $35. I then made four off the pattern from the EMT for $10.

I use fiberglass sections from a military cammo net setup kit for my tripod legs and mast sections. They often sell these as “military mast kits” on EBay for $100. You can find the exact same thing; bag, sections and connectors at surplus stores and on line for $25 as set. So for what the E Stores are selling them for, and what guys sell them for at hamfest, you can make four mast kits!!!

The pictures show the purchased tripod vs the first two I made, using a little different pattern on one than the other, The tripod setup and then about 20ft of mast set up free standing. I can set up my mast by my self up to about 40 ft, then I need help….!!!

You can even guy this out by going to Rural King or Farm Supply and buying bearing holders for a dollar or two a set that will go between the sections and has three or four holes already drilled for ropes. For two bucks you can do the same thing the guy rings they sell for $20 each!! OD paint is optional…………

The last photo shows my adapter for the top of the mast that holds my 2mtr J Pole, Ham Sticks for HF and my center hold for my dipole.

I have used this setup several times when out camping and it works for me! Your results may vary!


The NEC of the CAP has phased out the “TPU” or the “corporate uniform”, a kind of cross of the blue uniform with the white aviator shirt. Anyway it allowed those who wanted to look Air Force who did not meet the requirements to look “professional”. Or like an airline pilot or mall cop or something.

For the record, I didn’t own a TPU or want one. For the record, I don’t even own a set of AF Blues anymore. I either use the polo or the white aviator shirt and call it quits.
Why not wear the AF Blues? Cause 1) I am not in the Air Force, so I don’t think it is appropriate to wear their uniform, even if authorized. 2) I don’t think the Air Force wants us to look like them anyway base on how they keep changing how we can wear the blues. 3) Except for once a year, I have no reason to wear them…………
If and I say if CAP is an official branch of the Air Force, then we should only have the uniform conbinaitons of the Air Force and if you cant meet the standard for wear then you dont wear them. No alternate uniforms.
If and I mean this is what I really think, that CAP is now the read headed stepchild of the Air Force then we should dump the AF uniforms all together, go to one utility uniform, one dress uniform and one flying uniform and call it quits. And something distinctive at that, like OD or Khaki or what ever but not related to the Air Force.
Anyway you look at it, CAP is at a crossroads with their uniforms and policies toward uniforms.
And true to CAP form, they will screw this up as well………….
My .02 worth.

OK, was watching the Big Joe Polka Show on RFD TV, OK not really watching it, just stopped there for a while to ponder why, and anyway, remember this skit that I think is funny…………….

Working, then a bout with either food poisoning or a touch of the flu, either way, not much interest in computers or the Internet, more focused on, well, getting better…………

Missed the CLC/SLS at Scott…………..

Any time you get a chance to go see David Kohl speak, GO!

He is so far out ahead it isn’t even funny.

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