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“Life’s tough……it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.” — John Wayne

“We live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.” — Barack Obama

Unfortunately, we are now beginning to understand what the second one means and what the first says about us.

Trying to catch up on the missing post from last week.

So you get three tonight.


Got a few questions on how I used the power poles on the EZ Guide 500.

Here are a couple of pictures.

First I cut off the cigarette plug from the EZ Guide 500 power cord. Then I put an in line automotive spade fuse holder on the positive side and then installed the Powerpoles using an ARES configuration with the positive or red connector on the right side.

Next I took power from the power port on the right side of the tractor and used the solid red wire for continuous power and the ground. I sealed and taped down the red wire with the orange stripe (ACC) wire as it was not used.

Hooking up is simple, just slide red into red, black into black and you are powered up.

For moving to another vehicle, I use either a similar arrangement or I use a cigarette plug with Powerpoles on it to plug into it.

There you go………..


Well I have mentioned that I got some wheat planted. A whole 30 acres but it is up and doesn’t look that bad. It is not a perfect stand by any stretch of the imagination. Heck I am glad any of it came up at all. It is thin in places but the green sure stands up against the brown of fall.

The first picture is of the hill and flat behind the house as seen this morning while the sun shined for just a few minutes before the sky opened up again and the rain started.

You can see the standing corn behind the fence row that the neighbors have yet to shell. If I turned in all directions this morning you could see corn all around me. Very little of it is out at this point.

The second picture is across the field toward the Canola field which can be seen in the background. Look at the darker green color of the Canola. Just a weeks difference in planting date.

A few winter annuals are out there and a few aphids here and there but considering the weather there is no urgency to spray.

Right now, I will take it…………


For all of you Canola Update followers who have been wondering how things are going on the Canola front……….well here we go!

It has now been 41 days sense the Canola has been planted and it has had about a years worth of rain on it sense it was put in the ground. I replanted some of the drowned out spots on Oct 3 and that planting is just about up where you can see it.

The first planting is coming along pretty well all other things considered. We are approaching the second and third set of true leaves being set and the rows are starting to close up and making a solid field of green between the standing water.

I feel pretty good about what stand we have and its stage of growth at this point. Of the original 140 acres that we planted we have about 130 or so that is up and good and will make something come spring. I feel it is at a stage of growth, based on my reading and from what Brian and Larry are telling me that it will now survive winter pretty well. Some of the replant might not make it if it freezes sooner than later but that was a salvage operation anyway.

Between the Canola and my 30 acres of wheat I got planted, that is about the only green in the country side. There were little other winter crops planted in this county.
We will see how smart that was……….


IT CAME FROM A FARM! Get over it.


Well this last week has seen it all I guess. All of it to do with sick things:

Computer virus shuts down my connection to the outside world. It was nasty what ever it was, got the OS……………..

Starters and alternators on tractors and combines keep us from starting up and moving on with harvest or just moving. And still one tractor wont start.

Rain, need I say more.

Three computers that don’t work…….now they do! I just love reinstalling programs and then having to call tech support to get unlock codes again and explaining time and time again that I lost it due to a virus.

Son has swine flu! When will I get it?

And on top of all of that, so much to blog and no time. I will get back in the swing tonight, as it is guess what…………raining again!

BTW, good things that happened while off line.

Got transmission back in dozer and it moves!

Got neighbors beans cut.

Got more of my beans cut.

Wheat is up where you can see it.

Got most of the garage cleaned up, most of it.

And did get most of my computers back up and running.

So not to bad…………………..


After much work I have my computer back up and running and am back on the net.

Will get back up and running on the blog starting Monday.



The magic smoke left the computer. I have disc coming from Dell to get it back to life so I hope to be back on the air soon. I also ordered another computer in case the operation doesn’t go well on the Dell, but the 2nd air shipping has turned into 5 days ground…………………………..

Check back soon.

Trying this on a Crackberry sucks.


Its almost Halloween, the time to TP you friends. This is a real lazy way to do it, although the noise will most assuredly wake everyone up and get you caught in the act.

I am computer less due to the virus that took down my main connection to the information supper highway. I am however conducting salvage operations on the HD until the disc arrive from Dell to begin the process to see if I can bring it back to life.

At about the same time that the disc will arrive so will my replacement/backup computer from Best Buy. So I sit and wait and try to keep in touch with the world via my Blackberry.

It really isn’t so bad except that you cant type anything at great length with the Blackberry and using my daughters notebook computer is just as bad. My fingers are just to big to fit onto the notebook to do any typing. So if it isn’t point and click, forget it.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a canola update along with a couple of other offerings. There is little else to do with the cold and wet weather other than begin to winterize things………….


Anytime you do a practice exercise of any kind you should take notes so that you can compare the outcome of what happened to what you expected to happen and learn from it. To many time we don’t learn from our exercises, no matter whom the exercising agency is (CAP, ARES, Ball team etc..) because we are just glad to get the exercise over or we make a note of what went wrong and say “we don’t need to do that on game day” and go home.

My mantra has been on this blog “practice like you play”. So I am happy to report that at least the last couple of ARES type Ham Radio exercises I have been on that the participants are at least trying to train like they would play. The result for me has been some real lessons learned.

I wish I could say the same for CAP, but I cant, they continue to fantasize about their capability and their role in the world and train in ways that are not even close to what will happen on game day. But I digress……….

The SET (Simulated Emergency Test) Exercise that ARES runs each year is to simulate passing emergency radio traffic. Some years the test has been pretty, well, bland and the players less than energetic. This year things were different. Our SEC had the scenario laid out that there had been a major earthquake on the New Madrid and had each county ARES work with its served agency to pass traffic.

And it worked. It worked pretty good from what I could see. VHF and HF traffic were passed across the state with great success. And people learned quite a bit about what worked and what didn’t. I ended up with 8 “lessons learned” on my part for me and my ARES group.

The biggest thing I learned personally was that no matter how prepared I seem to be with my “go kit” that I always seem to leave out my radio instruction manual. No that might not seem like a big deal but it is when you need to put in a tone or change an input or what ever that you don’t do every day. So you sit by the sidelines fumbling away with your rig while the world marches on by and you don’t get your job done.

My words of wisdom and what I need to focus on is that I need to make sure that I keep a radio manual in each one of my go kits. So the world doesn’t pass me by while I sit fumbling with my rig.


After battling it for two weeks, and thinking I had the upper hand, my computer gave up the ghost today and wet feet up from the unknown virus that I had.

Not one program for the detection of malware, spyware or viruses could get it or cure it.

So……………I am in a salvage operation now with my hard drive and awaiting discs from Dell to wipe the slate clean and start over again.


Richard, Scott, Ian, Matthew and I went to Knob Creek Gun Range on Saturday to see first hand the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. All I can say is WOW!!

It was almost unbelievable. Between the vendors, guns, people, mud and massive amount of ammo that was burned, it was truly the most interesting thing I have done in a long, long time. Never have I been in one place with so many people packing side arms and having AR’s and other long guns and “assault weapons” slung over their backs. I felt totally safe.

Besides the machine gun shoot there was machine gun rental where you could rent time on a gun. Prices ranged from $40 for one clip in an AR or AK up to $150 for a belt of 30.06 in the tripod mounted MG to $6000 for one minute on the mini gun (a motorized Gatling gun).

Also there was a very large gun show with all kinds of gun related items and some very unique army “mules” for sale. People were packing ammo out by the “mule” load all day long.

I will have more reports as the weeks go on and as I get my pictures and video sorted out.


It is Monday night and I am trying to type a blog on my daughters notebook. My hands are to big and I cant type worth a crap!

Looks like there will be plenty of time to catch up on e the blog this week. Rain forecast for every day.

Lets see, camping, shooting, ham radio and farming to write about this week as I have lots of new pictures from this weekend to share.

So until I can find a keyboard that fits my hands, see you tomorrow.


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