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Any Questions?

I am adding a link to another Blogger, John Mackson at Macks Page.

John is a Crop Consultant in Michigan. He is a Certified Professional Agronomist, a Certified Crop Advisor (gasp!) and a Certified Professional Crop Consultant-Independent.

Despite all of that He is also one heck of a nice guy! (and for saying such he will buy my dinner some time!)

Harvest started in full gear it seems around here today, combines were rolling in beans and corn. I still am hearing that the beans are still a bit green and that the corn is sitting still as far a dry down.

Tonight’s temps are to be down to 40 they say…………….

I wore a light jacket most of the day today.


Well, Here is one of the field planted to Canola on Saturday Night.

1.25 inches of rain in twenty minutes with pea and quarter sized hail in the middle. This on top of the all day rain we had on Thursday that pretty much saturated things.

We will know Thursday if that will be the writing of the last canola update or not.


Norman Borlaug passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Who is Norman Borlaug? Well not many people know who he is.

You should.

If you eat you should know who he is.

If you farm, you had better know who he is.

This video is from Penn and Teller, and while I might not consider him to be the “greatest man to ever live” he sure is in the top 5 and is the #1 man in agriculture.

**Warning: Foul Language in video from Penn and at the end he drops the F bomb**** *then again Whats new there?



After my initial post on planting canola, several have called or emailed that they want to see what canola seed looks like. So here we go!

Pictured at right is (left to right) ripe canola seeds, canola seed treated (the dark blue) and mixed with Tiger 90 sulfur (the lime green) for planting, and #7.5 bird shot for comparison on size.

Seeding rate was about 4 pounds of canola seed per acre or about 14 pounds of the canola/sulfur blend per acre. The blend is necessary to aid in good metering by the drill.

Canola is planted about one half inch deep. Or with the JD 750 drill, other wise known as a “organized broadcaster”, depth ranged from just covered to about an inch deep.

It shallow seeds came up pretty fast but the near 5 inches of rain we have had sense we planted the deeper seeds are still trying to come on.

But more on that later…………


I got some questions on the EZ Guide setup on the drill. Anyway here are some pictures showing how I had it set up.


EZ Guide 500 mounted on the “A” post (right front cab post) on my CIH 7120. Note speed in upper right hand side and distance off line in upper left hand corner of display.




EZ Steer mounted to steering column. It is controlled by the EZ Guide 500. Of note was that in the early morning I had to set my disengage sensitivity pretty high until the hydraulic oil got warmed up, then I could turn it back down.


Here I am planting at an angle to the last tillage pass. This is where the implement drift came in that gives the field an appearance of a slight weave in the drill marks.

Rear view showing the drill and if you look close you can see the implement drift I was talking about.

Hope this helps those who asked understand what was going on when I said implement drift!

WAAS worked great on the drill!!!


Call him crazy, call him a nut case, call him goofy. Frankly call him anything you want but the man has some style.



Mo who?

Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy.

You see the man travels with his body guards. 40-50, mostly hot looking, pistol packin’ women. Read all about it here including the pictures!

Desert Cammo never looked so good!

Khadafy used to rely on East German gunmen to protect him against the occasional assassination attempt back in the 1980s.

The all-woman Libyan force made its debut in the 1990s as part of the what Khadafy called a campaign to raise the status of women in the Arab world.

He has stuck by them, though he can’t seem to settle upon a uniform.

Sometimes, they’re in olive drab. In Brussels a few years back, they wore blue-and-black outfits with white shirts and black ties, topped by black berets. Occasionally, they’re in all black, accessorized by sand-colored cartridge belts and holsters.

Well today I am going to take the transmission out of the Cat to a shop over at Red Bud and see what their diagnosis is. I hope it is just sick and can be repaired and not taken out back and shot like a horse.

We pulled the transmission out the day after Labor Day. It didn’t take long but was difficult in that you don’t have any room to work.

Here we are taking off the handrails to make an extra inch of room to get the tranny out once we got it loose and up through the operators compartment. (the transmission is the big dark 700-1000 pound object hanging from that small chain and pipe from the backhoe bucket!) I am sure there is a correct procedure for taking it out but when you have no book or expert advise in the subject, you make it up as you go along!

Anyway nothing else happening today other than it is raining cats and dogs and did all night. Another inch of rain as I type this. Farmers were starting to move again yesterday but I got an email picture of a grain truck stuck in a field from yesterday afternoon.

Needless to say farmers will have their grump back on today with more rain.


I planted Canola last week here at my farm on the prevented planting corn acres I had. I used the EZ Guide 500 with EZ Steer for guidance on the planting tractor using only WAAS.

You can see that setup did every bid as good as I could have done with simple row markers. Plus it allowed me to plant late into the night and not have to rely on the markers and over compensating for drift on the ends to keep my rows straight.

Things might have been better had I been using a larger drill, I was using a 15 ft JD 750 drill and while the tractor drove straight the drill drifted due to trying to follow the last tillage pass of the field cultivator.

The canola planted on Friday is about up. I will take pictures and make another blog soon on that. However we have had 3 inches of rain sense Sunday and more on the way today.



While writing a set of recommendations tonight it kind of hit me that there are some cases where no matter what you do or how you try to attack the problem there seems to be no good solution.

What I mean is that in some cases a field or farm has been so run down and run over by someone who payed a cash rent and didn’t do anything to put back off what they took off in crops that you almost have nothing but carbon matter in the soil and that’s it. No nutrients.

Crop prices and fertilizer prices don’t make farmers think long term investment on ground they don’t own. Add to it that some just take and don’t put back and you have a real conundrum on your hands. How do you attack the problem?

Spoon feed it? Run it out with blade and scrape it on about two inches think? Give the ground back to the guy who had it before?

Absentee landlords are no help either. All they want is there rent money. They don’t care about what it takes to keep the land up. They assume they have an asset, and they do, but the value of that asset is determined by what is in the ground, not by what the going rate for rent is………….or is it.

At some point you would think that someone will say “no thanks” and give that ground back…………….

Then again..


Love him or hate him, Ted Nugent speaks his mind.

Uncle Ted doesn’t sugar coat anything either.

I love this clip that was emailed to me this week.

Uncle Ted on Gun Control


I have had a lot of computer problems of late. I thought for a good while that I had a virus. I have done multiple scans, update my anti virus several times, did more scans, started in safe mode, did more scans, loaded more anti virus stuff and did more scans.

I also did multiple registry scans and was finding all kinds of problems which kept me thinking I was infected………..

And my computer would lock up. Alot.

Then one night last week I did an Google search on another computer looking for others with the same problems and symptoms I have had. The result of that search was that Google was causing the problem. A quick check of Windows Task Manager to see what programs were running confirmed the results of the search.

Then I un-installed the Google tool bar from IE 8 and all my problems disappeared……………

Gone, zip zero nada……………………no problems, not lock ups, all is well now.

I cannot explain that one, but I am now back on line and emailing again.


Would some one please tell me how the people of Illinois let their two US Senators make complete idiots and fools out of the state?

Roland Blago, I mean Roland Burris, your corrupt Blogo appointed Senator and Dick “Dumba$$” Durbin both voted to keep funding to the corrupt organization ACORN.

Then again why am I surprised? Both are Chicago crooks trained by our former Governor and our current president in how to lie, cheat and steal for the party and for themselves.

What these two clowns do didn’t really surprise me, it just proved that they are out of touch with all reality.

Then there is the former peanut farmer and president Jimmy Carter. Carter says that the congressman who shouted out in the address by our fearless leader BHO that he was “a lier” is a raciest? Raciest? Now how could you get that from that?

Stupid? Yes he was, that is the congressman who shouted out, but not raciest.

Someone please tell Jimmy, the man who sits down to dinner with terrorist and denounces freedom for the American People, Someone please tell this senile old bastard to get his box of crayons and go sit in the corner, shut his mouth and color. No one cares what Jimmy thinks, let alone that he is wasting oxygen that someone else could use.

Matter of fact, lest send these three dip $&^%S a box of crayons and tell them all three to shut their mouths, leave us a lone, sit in the corner and color.

Spent all day Saturday at an Appleseed Shoot with Matthew. What is an Appleseed Shoot, well check out the Revolutionary War Veterans Association and also this Appleseed Website for more details and the whole story.

My story is this: It was the best time I have had shooting in a long time. The Appleseed Project is to teach shooting. Key word is teach, and teach they did. The entire line staff were “Riflemen” having been through the training and having shot a score of at least 210 on an Army Qualification Target as well as done training to be a range master and line “boss”.

To say I learn a lot would be an understatement. To say that Matthew didn’t walk away with whole pot load of knowledge to practice with, this being his first ever kind of shoot or instruction would be an understatement as well.

It was not just shooting, it was also a history lesson on the Revolutionary War and specifically April 19, 1775.

How much fun was it for Matthew? Well he told me he wrote an essay at school today on what he did this weekend: Appleseed Shoot. Hopefully he wont get expelled for writing about guns and shooting!!!

This was the best run and most thought through instruction I have seen or been to. That says a lot!!!!

And if you think shooting with iron sights at 25 meters is easy, think again!!!! Having done a bit of shooting long range with a scoped rifle for quite a while off a bench most of the time, it was indeed a big challenge to shoot at those little targets at 25mtrs. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I had a lot of bad habits that I need to correct to make me a better shooter.

But the thing the impressed me the most was that over half the shooters were under the age of 16. And the staff did work their tails off to teach the kids proper safety, gun handling and shooting technique. I was impressed.

I was so impressed that at the end of the day, I joined the RWVA as an associate member and am going to put their website on my site here to help promote the Appleseed Project.

And I will be practicing so that I can shoot “Rifleman” at the next Appleseed Shoot in the area and I will be taking the whole family next time.

Good Job to all the RWVA/Appleseed range people at the Carmi Gun Club Appleseed Shoot!!!


Funny Stuff…………

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