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The CAT stopped moving tonight. Pulled the tranny filter element and washed it in solvent. There were all kinds of dull and shinny flakes swimming around in there.

Looks like a tranny rebuild is in the works…………………..

Not something I had planned for.

Went to the DuQuoin State Fair last night and saw Charlie Daniels. Wow what a show. He and his band can sure put on a performance! Well worth the money to go see!

A couple of things that jumped out at me the last few days of rubber chicken (most were rubber pork chop) meetings:

1. Seed company consolidation again.

2. Rumors of Mother M on the warpath with some of the other seed companies.

3. Rumors of $400 a bag seed corn for triple stacks

4. Wheat looks to be a net loss crop this year.

5. Farmers pretty much are in a don’t care mood.

From the road……


Its that time of year, when the mail box fills with invites to the latest field days and we have the out in the sun hot version of the Rubber Chicken circuit.

Best part of this round is it is more pork chops and fired fish.

But again by the end of the month, it will be the same thing said at every meeting. So be original and do something different!!!

On the LEARS Monday night net, the net control W9GAR asked the question to all check ins: What was your first 2mtr radio? An interesting question!

Mine was an Yeasu FT-26 handheld, but I didn’t use it for Ham Radio. I used it for CAP Communications. Shortly there after in about 1988 or so I got a Yaesu FT 2200 mobile that I had in my truck. I had it there again for CAP use until I traded trucks and then took it out and put it in a box to collect dust etc for many years until I got my Technician license in 2004.

At that point I dusted both off and got them back into service as Ham Radios and not CAP radios.

Of note on the FT 26 is that I have had three battery packs for it. the one it came with and two additional after market ones. The battery pack doesn’t last long on a mission or such were there is a lot of talking.

Funny thing is that the original pack has outlasted the two after market packs as far as recharge life. And I am now down to just the “old” battery pack for the 26.

In a lot of ways, I sure like the 26 a lot better than my VX-7. It doesn’t do as much but it sure is simple.


 I spent Friday at MidAmerica Airport at Scott AFB for their Disaster Drill.  

This year they simulated a “passenger plane” (the KC 135) colliding with a Cessna 172.   

They did the whole 9 yards with the make up on the “victims” and such as well as smoke pots for the “fire” and such.  

They had fire departments from several communities as well as police and band-aid buggies from the surrounding areas.  

I was there as back up communications working as an ARES member on the HAM side to assist if there was a need for extra communications. 


Great learning experience for me and for all people involved. 

Real training is what is needed to make sure we play like we train………





Well after a couple of weeks of hit and miss, okay mostly miss, blogging I am back. I took a PC (that’s computer PC, not Political Correctness) break for a while and am now ready to get back into the swing of things.

So today will be a double post Monday to get back into the swing of things…..

Got two of the Eclectic Amish CD’s and am rocking and rolling to the EA as I type, which helps my cynical mood………………..

Almost. Then I am ready to post this….

Buy up all the ammo you can afford…………………………..


If my recording rain gauge is correct, I have had 72+ inches of rain sense the first day of January. For an area that gets 48 inches on average, we are a swamp. Mowing grass is a twice a week event and even then you need to mow around the wet spots sometimes. Getting stuck is also more common than not.

I would like some dry weather so that I could at least work some ground again and pull a land leveler over the PP ground………………….

Well I took a few days off from the computer, so no post till now.

Here is the video of the week that I was going to post on Sunday. I was doing some research on Friday when I found this video. As this video is somewhat adult oriented………I have paused to think about posting it.

I also found some related video that would make you wonder if any picture you ever see on the net or in a magazine is real anymore. The related video mentioned that 99% of all pictures are now “photoshopped” to some extend and that most people in the public light have a person on staff to “photoshop” them before the pictures are released.

Anyway here it is………..I think it is funny so hear the individual describe the tools used to do this touch up session…………………

Semi Adult Content Warning!!!

You can smell the corn………….Really smell the corn the last day or two. Driving up and down the roads, stopping at farm houses, coming out of the house, late of an evening especially you can smell it.

You can smell the corn.

That smell, the corn, is corn pollinating. And does it smell. I have heard it compared to ‘horse pee” or other aromas that I am not sure how one would know of such aromas, and don’t want to ask. But the tassels are shedding their pollen and that is the smell.

It is worse on a humid evening with very little wind blowing.

But that smell is a good smell to a corn farmer. It tells him that nature is doing her work. And it takes a lot of pollen to fertilizer the silks. There is one silk per kernel of corn on an ear.

And that smell explains why my head is so stopped up…………………and my nose is full……………and my eyes hurt.

But one I get past that, it smells like money!


I wish I could find a place to just lay down and sleep. Last week took it out of me and I am real slow to recover it seems. Plus I must have some allergy or something going on, I am so dizzy and cotton mouthed.

Oh well, no rest for the wicked it seems.

It seems amazing how a cat can lay down and sleep even in this heat and yet curl up with the other cats.

Give me my dog…………

Just for fun this morning………….

These numbers are pretty close, still figuring up the final totals on some of them.

203 total attendance

153 cadets

50 seniors

150 O Flights

5000 meals served

One whole box of paper to run off the Incident Action Plan every day for the week.

151 cadets with encampment credit.

Not bad…………….

Or something like that. I cant seem to get back into the swing of things yet. Anyway the pile o work that is laying here is such that I am not sure where to start.

In the middle seems to be appropriate. That way I am not to late on some stuff and ahead on others!

Current Farm Weather


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