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Here is a link were you can follow the events of the 2009 ILWG Summer Encampment

See you in the funny papers!!!

Post will be slow(er) while I am at camp!

Encampment Preview.

Not crazy about the song but it isnt that bad either………………..

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, at least not the major main stream ones. I don’t care about BHO’s birth certificate or who “really” dropped the WTC on 9/11.

I do believe what Dennis Miller said about conspiracy theories: “The greatest conspiracy theory in the world is that there are on conspiracy theory. No one cares about you. Now do you feel better?” Or something like that. Man I miss him on his TV show on HBO.

Any way while not a conspiracy theory, I believe someone is in cahoots with each other as in someone is getting their pockets lined……….

Civil Air Patrol’s legal idiot has been sending out C and D letter to vendors who are selling CAP merchandise. Seems that they have given Vanguard the total lock stock and barrel on this one. I don’t know this as fact, but have been seeing lots of CAP stuff disappear from vendors I frequent.

Plus when I went to order challenge coins for encampment, I was told by our vendor that they had got the C&D from CAP and that they couldn’t sell any CAP items.

My experience with Vanguard is that they could screw up a one car funeral. Plus the merchandise is way overpriced and lacking in quality sometimes.

So who at NHQ is getting the big kick back? Someone has to be.

How can a public organization keep someone from making items related to CAP? I am not a lawyer, thank goodness, but they sure have found a way to make a lot of people unhappy.
CAP once again blows its foot off. Foot shooting by NHQ is getting to be a spectator sport.

How many lawyers does it take to grease a combine? Three. But you have to feed them in real slow……………………….

Same can be said for our members at NHQ.

I have to admit, I don’t get it. Talking baseball that is.

No not the NPR segment that they have on weekly called “Talking Baseball” with a guy who’s name I cant remember. He tells stories about things related to baseball, past and present, and does a good job, or at least I think so.
But then how would I know?

You see I am not a professional sports fan. Really. I don’t have any real interest in professional baseball, football or basket ball. None. Zip, zero, nada. I mean I cant see the point of wasting time sitting and watching people play a game that get paid millions of dollars and are called professionals and who act like babies and teenagers when they are not “on the field”.

So all of this mystifies me when I visit the local congregating spot (read restaurant, though not much eating goes on at the table I am about to refer to, just lots of coffee drinking and talking. Maybe they should charge some of these guys rent for the table space?) when they battle on and on about the Cubs and Cards.

They spout stats and numbers and history and scenarios and trades and pay and on and on and on and on and on……………………..

And then they look and me and ask: What do you think?

I don’t. I have no idea what they are talking about, whom they are talking about and most important, why they are talking about it.

So I nod and then say things like “sounds interesting” or “you have a good point” or “I had not considered that before”.

And they look at me………………like they know I don’t know. And I don’t.

And I don’t care that I don’t know.

As Bobby Knight once said when asked about if he was interested in coaching in the NBA he replied “I have no interest in coaching anyone who makes more money that I do as a coach”. He had a reason for not wanting to coach professionals.

So I need a reason that I don’t watch professional sports………….

I guess I don’t have any interest in watching people play a game that make more money than I do. Really, is mind numbing to watch baseball. Which explains why they serve beer………

Its not the money, really, that doesn’t make me interested in baseball, or any other professional sport. Its that I don’t care because it holds no interest for me.

There is nothing there that grabs my attention, makes me want to watch, or listen, or buy their licensed merchandise or pay for tickets or what ever……………………they lost me.

And I cant understand how some people can spend so much time talking baseball…………


Neat video of a tornado hitting a train outside of Harvard, Illinois in 2008.

The camera is shooting out the back window of the fourth locomotive. Watch as it starts to rain and then watch the trees on the sides begin to disappear. It moved the track 18 inches when the cars began to derail.

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to…………..

It seems that farmers in eastern India (the country India, not the state of Indiana) have turned to an old village custom to help break the drought in that area. They have asked their unmarried daughters to plow dry fields naked, in a bid to spark interest from the weather gods, and bring some badly needed monsoon rain.

Yep, that’s right young unmarried girls plowing fields naked.

Now I am no rocket scientist, but I can imagine that that would spark the interest of more than just the “weather gods”.

“They (villagers) believe their acts would get the weather gods badly embarrassed, who in turn would ensure bumper crops by sending rains,” Upendra Kumar, a village council official, told Reuters. “This is the most trusted social custom in the area and the villagers have vowed to continue this practice until it rains very heavily,” she told Reuters.

And I am sure that those fields were this plowing is taking place would be some of the most watched tillage practices in the world.

Kind of gives you a good reason to drop No-Till farming if you ever needed one.Indeed!

I am sure no alcohol is involved in this…………although if it were Illinois or Indiana, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Well here we are in the middle of July and it is wet and cool. Yes, wet and cool. Not hot and dry. Saw a couple yesterday on a Harley, both had their leathers on and sock caps! Usually there is more skin than clothing this time of year.

While the crops look good from all the rain, they are not progressing very well due to a lack of heat and sunshine. Cool and wet will give a farmer a false sense of security this time of year Political Fix Blog has a story about Gov’s Quinn and Nixon of Missouri touring Afghanistan. The full story is here Nixon, Quinn toured Afghanistan, will return tomorrow

Anyway here is the picture on the article. This is nothing against the troops or anything, but why is Illinois time 30 minutes off the rest of the world? You might have to zoom in to see it good but its 4:00 local and 8:30 in Illinois?

Could this be our problem in this state? Were not in time with the rest of the world?

Spent Sunday at the KARS FEST in Will County. Meet a couple of hams that I have known and talked to on the radio. Looked at a bunch of flea market stuff and found a couple of ferrite cores for a project.

Brad, W9FX IL SEC, made his pitch on WinLink 200 for IL ARES (photo at right) , Got to meet the Illinois Section Manager KA9QPN Tom Ciciora and several other hams in the ARES community.
Had fun, learned something and meet some good people. Not a bad day!

I love this clip. Why live T.V. an be so exciting!

While listening to NPR (yea a sign that I am getting old, not liberal) yesterday I heard a story that got my attention. OK a lot of stories get my attention on NPR news, they do some interviews that not all news media does and I like that, even if I don’t agree with the slant to some of the stories, but anyway I degrees……….

The story had to do with Pittsburgh’s Morse Code Message. The Grant Building has a beacon that sends out Morse code every night, spelling out the cities name. Pittsburgh. Or does it?

Tom Stepelton noticed something about the beacon on the 4th of July. A “K” or -.- for those who don’t know code. That’s a dash, dot, dash or dah dit dah for those “speakers” of code.

Anyway even as bad as I spell, I know there isn’t a K in Pittsburgh. And apparently it is getting worse. The spelling I mean.

Here is a video of one instance, and the full story can be read or listen to at the link above.


Howard Dean, you know the former presidential candidate (you remember the screamer in Iowa) and Dem Party leader, has his panties in a big wad because he is scheduled to speak at SEMO (Southeast Missouri State) on a forum with Newt Gingrich.

No, that’s not the problem, I mean Newt is not the problem.

No the problem is that SEMO is paying Newt $31,000 more to speak on the same forum with him. Yep it seems that Howard or his handlers are not as good at negotiation at Newt. And Howard is having a hissy fit.

Maybe you should try to screaming again Howard.

“There’s nothing I can do about it, as I found out, Dean told interviewer Deborah Solomon. “I think the only thing that makes me feel a little bit better about that is that it’s the most expensive event that Southeast Missouri has ever done — and it’s not my fault.”

So Howard has spun his stupidity into a “its not my fault” campaign. But wait, what if Howard could have done something about it? Would he have took another $31K and then said nothing? I mean would he take the money and run? You bet he would.

You see Howard is old school Democrat. Shift blame and take the money and run.

Howard, you cant hide stupid. Fire you publicist, give your fee, equal to what most middle income homes make in this area, to a food pantry or children’s hospital and practice a little “poor ole democrat” role you all claim to play. Make yourself look good instead of a cry baby.

Give the money back or give it as a scholarship at SEMO in the Business Department for Better Negotiations. Just shut your pie hole and get off my damn TV you looser!

Stupid is as stupid does.

Would someone from the Capitol Police or Maintenance Department please put a spit shield like you see at the salad bars in these mega feed lots, err I mean big buffet restaurants over the Judge nominee. The Democrats are slobbering so much over her that it looks like they have sprayed he down with a fire hose………..

Wise Latino Woman my ass…………….

Well we are headed into the home stretch on the 2009 Summer Encampment. There is still a ton of things to do, still trying to get paperwork done, collected and sent on. But I thought I would post a few notes on what has happened so far………..

Following Directions……………..It seems that most folks, cant. Sorry. When you spell it out step by step and they cant even get #1 correct, it makes you wonder how they got this far in life.

Overall Support……………depends on whom it is and what stake they have in the program. For those who have sold out to the cadet program, its great. To those out for themselves, none.

Bed Space……….there was a time when we (or I) can remember that getting a bed in a building with air conditioning was top of the line. Then it was a room where you had to share it with only one other person. Now, if people cant get a private room, near what ever feature in the building they want, they don’t want to come………….???

Funding……….what funding? Self fund or don’t do it. No help from the military either other than use of the base………………..

Use of the Base……….there was a time when you could get, heck they begged you to take tours, presentations, speakers, truck rides and such. Now you have to beg to get them………….when you can find the right person to beg.

Paperwork…………….it seems the forms are needed to even breath. And the number of forms quadruples every year.

Energy………….about gone, this thing better happen quick……………..

I got the Cutting Board Portable up and running last week. Have not had time to post pictures or make a report this week.
Pictured at right is the setup, at a campsite at Rend Lake. It works good, reduces time for set up and take down and does offer the portability that I was looking for. I am still in need of a way to transport it though.
That being said, it is now about time to move into phase two and see what we can do with some digital modes using this setup.
As per usual with my setups, I am in a constant state of update as I see things that I want to improve, so stay tuned.

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