About us:  Robertson Farms

Robertson Farms is a family owned and operated row crop farm located in Southern Illinois just outside the town of Benton in Franklin County.  In what once was a rural setting some four generations ago Robertson Farms now finds itself on the edge of town.

While in years past the farm was a diversified operation with beef cows, hogs, pastures, hay and row crop grains it has now evolved into a row crop farm primarily of yellow corn, soybeans, wheat and in 2009 winter canola.

Robertson farms utilizes the latest in farm machinery, technology, crop production technology, land management techniques and advanced precision farming technologies to farm a variety of different land ranging from flat lands to highly erodible (HEL) using conventional tillage, conservation tillage and no-till farming to produce high quality, high yielding and profitable crops for our partners and land owners.

As we look to the future we want to expand our profit per acre and capitalize on opportunities for growth and expansion when they present themselves.  We want to continue to expand our return on investment for our partners and land owners and establish a ground work to begin to incorporate the next generation into the processes of being active contributing members of our operation.

It is important to us as we strive for our goals to maintain a good rapport with our neighbors, to be contributors to our community and to be view as a progressive operation that is well respected in our field by doing things right and being good stewards of what we have been intrusted with.

Robertson Farms:  Come Grow With Us!

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